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    Critical Microsoft security issue!! Update available.

    "Microsoft published on Tuesday a patch for a major security flaw in its software's handling of the JPEG graphics format and urged customers to use a new tool to locate the many applications that are vulnerable. The critical flaw has to do with how Microsoft's operating systems and other...
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    Blood Rayne 2 releasing on October

    Any guys remember BloodRayne that was even carried as a demo in the Digit CD? I ask this because it doesn't seem to be very popular. However , I throughly enjoyed that game. Always loved vampire or horror games, add to that a sexy lady in it. It also had a very Nazi feel to it. Well, the...
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    Anybody figured out File Sharing in Yahoo Mess 6?

    Yahoo Messenger 6 is supposed to have a file sharing facility which lets you share a folder and all it's contents using the IM. Your contact can supposedly download those files from you. I haven't been able to locate the file share option anywhere in the messenger menus, though the Yahoo...
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