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    Confusing data about hd 6770 and 6750

    Well sapphire 6770 price exactly at 6.5K in New Delhi (and there was a chance of bargaining also as i felt)
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    yes Cilus... very true said i'm facing little shuttering problem in Call of Duty Modern Warfare... but before buying iX versions of Intel i want to full utilize this processor... my processor is frm IBM box and it supports overclocking till 3.8Ghz.. and i want to do that.. Once i overclocked...
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    Ya yaa sure even i was eager to post i'm doing photography (:lol:;-) though i don't knw hw to pick a camera)) Well Twin Frozr II/OC was not availabe in market... and Sapphire had some Warranty problem so i bought MSI HD6770 AfterBurner at 6.2K. The Sapphire one was at exact Price...
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    :lol: :lol: Greatt!! i'm going for HD6770 and FSP 500Watt PSU Thanks To Everyone here, i will reply to you when i got the card in Hand... :P Okkes ...thanks.. i'vl go tomorrow and evening it wud be in my System...
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    WOW!!!! Stunning replies frm you.. Alrite i'm finalizing now... Please tell me price of MSI R6770 Twin Frozr II/OC and without OC one also and also suggest me more similiar cards Having 1GB memory and DX11 andd pixal shader version 5 or more.
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    My Display is Samsung-2043 NWX with 1680x1050 resolution. So much helpful bro... thanks for reply. You guys have made lot of things clear.. Well one more thing Everyone here suggesting me HD6770.. but kindly provide me its full name with company name like nVidia HD6770 etc. well i...
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    So nice to see you all guys... very very thanks :-) my answers are: Me: Keeping all of u guys suggestions i'll upgrade my PSU with GPU but its seperate upgrade so the budget may be increased to 2K-2.5k more for it. Me: hmm.... bad luck but can you tell me if it will run upcoming FPS games for...
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    Thanks for your reply... well i'm not much knowledgeable but i'm giving you exactly wht written on the slip over the PSU. Its "Necola" Switching Power Supply (i think its local brand) Model ATX p4 Maximum Output Range - 350/400/450W (450W Checked) Is it fine or i should diagnose it more???
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    Suggest Graphics Card

    Hi Guyz.. Well before posting here i tried to search in various threads to see if some one has same query. But its so confusing over there, so i decided to write a new one for me. Friends I need a Gpu with budget around 6K.. Kindly suggest me gpu according to keeping my current...
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    Digit CTC Discussion

    Re: Preview + Feedback [February 2010] Hey guys don't share the answers of quiz here... plz don't!!! its wrecked our brain to get thru this... plz support our efforts! Use ur brain n u vl get the answer u r askin..
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Linux installation problem

    There could be many reasons for this error! This is the error because when installater reading the disc and at certain point it'nt able to read or process the information due to faulty disc. One could be due to currupted DVD ROM means faulty Burning of ISO image on DVD, Scratches on disc...
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    hidden files not shown.

    Hmm.. The files u r trying to see are the system files, so in the same window where u checked this option, scroll down some more and uncheck "Hide protected OS files with selecting option "Show HIdden Files n folders". click ok n Whoaa...:p
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    Where is my CD's And DVD's of DigitPatron

    Hi don't know where should i post this mail, so i'm posting here. They said their Patron Service is going to update or something so we will have to redeem all points. I redeemed and order them to send MB MBBS and IceDay movies. I ordered in December and i hadn't got my Movies till now. So how...
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    [Preview + Feedback] - December 2006 Special Issue

    Thanks Aditya and DforDigit to telling ur hazards of Subscription, i'm regular reader of Digit from 3 years. and now i w's going for subscription for 5 years(that coming with dvd writer free). But after seeing u guyz sucking. I postponded the idea.... Thank u very much! Gud Luck and Have a nice...
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    [Preview + Feedback] - December 2006 Special Issue

    Well the interface is really very good and nicely treated! full bucket of cheers and a suggestion note: "please give also the swf files on cds and dvds to run interface also on Linux OS. This OS can't run *.exe. Is all good things are only for Windows? A new OS is emerging FLASH OS!!! Ha...
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    Digit DVD read error

    Hi to all guyz! The DVD of DIGIT Dec 2006 is'nt opening on my system. DVD is in good condition even working on other systems. And they r opening it with full functionality. But on my system when i'm inserting, it's causing to system hang. My DVD Drive is fine and reading all other dvds and cds...
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    Indian gaming server.Do anyone know with good ping ? I wish it is...! :)
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    Mandriva 2007 Questions Of A Novice

    first for ur help, i'nt seen this problem in my system. But No problem after ending session you will went out to LogIn Screen>> here u will see Session Option.. In bottom of window Three option is there Shutdown, sessions and Language. choose appropriate.. and Shutdown ur system Next problem...
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    Dataone Configuration

    delete all the connection, u 've created in that default interface of 192.xx. 'Coz it does'nt need to change. I think there has a reset button!(my router is'nt opening so i'm not able to tell exact position) but it has.
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    Digit Dec. DVD is'nt Opening...

    Hey guyz! The Digit DVD of december2006 issue is'nt running! but all previous dvd's, cds are running smoothly. And also dvd is good and running on all other system, but just not on my system. "Error is somthing like -- Windows cannot read from the disk, either the disk is damaged or it contains...
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