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    Good News For All DOOM Lovers!! - Doom - the movie

    Yeah I do. It will be releashed be4 end of December. And it's one game movie to look out for as most of his done F.P.S mode yeah tht's right!!!
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    [By Demand] November 2005 DVD+CD

    You included Laxius Power one in one of your ealier issues. This time please include The remaing two or at least the second one. And yes don'nt include the third without the second but you can include the second without the third. I hope you will make this request true.
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    How to hit a Six???

    Here's the surest way by which you can easily hit a six! When the ball is balled straight at you then watch the ball closely and jus when the baller is about to leave the ball press the advance shot button along with the power boost button and the ball will dissappear in no time and the...
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    Freeware / Open Source Games Thread

    Hey try this one
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    Quake3 : How to Dodge?

    Dude prof is absolutely right but yeah rember one more thing don't remain at the same positin for than 10 sec or you will be roast!!!
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    First Game

    Mine was POP in PC. :D
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    Strange Problem in Cricket 2005

    This one has done nearly all the homework but yeah it has a few bugs alright. And yeah vandit just make sure the timing is ideal and then you can make all the shots you want. But if it's late or early you will be surprised with the result!
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    fifa 2005

    Tell me that after you have checked out the demo of the new Fifa 2006!
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    Which games are you playing now?

    I am again playing my all time fav game Deus Ex. Man it sure feels nice to play it again after such long time. Other than that I am also trying my skills at Hitman- Contracts. Man the game's average.
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