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    problem with KNOPPIX

    i am using KNOPPIX 3.4, every time i try to boot i have to enter " knoppix screen=1024*768 vrefresh=60 noscsi" or else the screen turns blank. is there a way that i can save the setting so that i dont have to enter them everytime. secondly the resolution i get is 1152*864 and not 1024*768...
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    bootable floppy problem

    recently i converted my 40gb hd to NTFS. i have 2 bootable floppies. 1 created in win98se ( that was when i had fat32 ) 2nd i created under winXP pro ( under ntfs ) when i am trying to boot using either of the floppy it's give error that cannot boot since the disk is not FAT. how to...
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