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  1. uttoransen

    what should be india's national language?

    what should be india's national language? it should be english, no indian language should be given preference. hindi, as over 15% of indian people want hindi as national language, and that is majority,as it's arround 9% for bengali, the same is for tamil and all. or there should be no...
  2. uttoransen

    geocities and blogger banned!!!

    is banning geocities a big site of yahoo, and blogger another biggee from google right. some isp's in india are planning to ban these sites as government of india wants these sites to be banned, as these are promoting illeagal things. i use blogger to blog, now if that is banned, i will be...
  3. uttoransen

    so, how many of you used the windows media player 11

    win media player 11 is very good, far better then the media player 10, but then i crashed it once, and then my system had no win media player, as system restore was off, i could not install the media player 10, after that i installed the 11 again, and it's now working fine,
  4. uttoransen

    browser ie, firefox, opera, and what more?

    i was not satisfied with the ie6, the default browser of xp, i then installed the ie7, and as usual i kept the system restore off, the result: system crash and full re-install, then i saw the beta2 IE7 but who would dare then, and not it's beta3, i request digit, not more ie betas please, am...
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