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  1. qudra

    Eid-Ul-Fitr Mubarak

    I would like to Welcome all of you with the Islamic Greeting: " AsSalam Alaikum Wa Rahemath Ullahi Wabarakatuhu ". Eid Mubarak. Best Regards: Alyy
  2. qudra

    Help me out, in choosing new mobile phone?

    Hello. A very good day to all of u guyz. I need some help regarding purchasing new mobile phone. Well my budget is around Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 15,000. Well some of the features mandatory needed in the phone as: As per my style::: 1. A very good quality Camera with atleast 2MP with...
  3. qudra

    Windows Shortcuts - A heaven's guide to master in shortcuts!

    have compiled this list to serve as a reference to the technical community. I am aware that it is not a complete list. For heaven sakes I can't even remember all of these. Please feel free to add any that you think are useful that I have left out. With the help of Advance in the coming...
  4. qudra

    Windows Vista comes with 19,500 drivers on DVD – more on Windows Update

    *** Biggest History ever acheived by any software company & any OSes *** Ever needed to find a driver for a product and wished Windows would either just have the driver in it, or that their Windows Update service could provide it? With Vista, it can – and new features and updates will be...
  5. qudra

    Motorola Proposes Standardized Java Software Stack

    Cellular-News is reporting that Motorola has sent out an invitation to other manufacturers and developers to create a unified Java Micro Edition (Java ME) software stack for the mobile industry. The move would simplify development and testing for applications, reducing the costs associated with...
  6. qudra

    The Google phone is coming

    Following the lead of rivals Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp., top Internet search engine Google Inc. on Thursday is expected to release a downloadable version of its Gmail email feature for cell phones. The free software, to be available only in the U.S., is compatible with more than 300 cell...
  7. qudra

    SE J200i flashing codes

    Hi Hello everybody i would like to know is there any secrete code for flashing/formatting SE J200i, like many Nokia Mobiles have. May i know please. Thanks....
  8. qudra

    It is now the time of the quad-core and you better believe it.

    Since the release of Intel’s Conroe micro-architecture, the company has been making waves, massive waves. In terms of performance, Intel washed away main competitor AMD, and they have continued to do so during the past three months with the success of their Core 2 Duo and Extreme processor...
  9. qudra

    How to create a CAB file

    Hi friends. Plz help me I want to create a CAB file but I dont no how to do dat. For Eg: I want to make yahoo messengers exe file into CAB file so that I can integrate that created CAB file into my XP SP2 CD so that when I install XP yahoo msgr will also installed with it. coz only CAB...
  10. qudra

    CAB File

    How to make CAB file.
  11. qudra

    WinRAR 3.61

    Hi guys. I am here with another flashing news & this time its about WINRAR. As we know its a powerful archive manager. But with the release of Winrar 3.60 Final, Somehow most people I think is not familiar with the problem with the rar i.e., multithreaded text compression module - is a bug...
  12. qudra

    Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Today

    Hi guys. Microsoft is going to release a Technical Refresh build (4407.1005) for Office 2007 Beta 2 today. The Technical Refresh will be available for public download but unfortunately at a cost of $1.50. This $1.50 is used to pay for B/w & shipping costs. Office 2007 is expected in early...
  13. qudra

    WGA Bypassed Again

    Hello guys, this time no copy paste... What is WGA: Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is a program initiated by Microsoft that requires users of Microsoft Windows to validate their copy of Microsoft operating systems when accessing Microsoft Windows services, such as Windows Update, and...
  14. qudra

    MS Moves Towards RTM With Release Of Build 5717 To TechNET

    From build: 5600 RC1 MS stops releasing public d/ls. However, The General Public will not be seeing anymore builds from Microsoft until its final release In January 2007.
  15. qudra

    Windows Vista 5600 Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) - A Technical Preview

    Introduction Well here it is, a month or two prior to RTM. It seems like we would never get here. I am a Microsoft enthusiast. I will tell you that. I have made a career on Microsoft products and technologies. I have passed 18 tests on various Microsoft technologies over the eight years...
  16. qudra

    Resource Hacker::

    Hi. I know resource hacker very well n I dont lots of tweaks. But could anyone there plz tell me how to add Animation img in copying dialog box(shell32.dll) & also I want to change progress dialog box(a green one like in vista) to animated, so plz guide me in details. And also I want some good...
  17. qudra

    Features of Email

    Hi. Can anyone pls tell me upto wht extent we can use Emails. I mean wht CC,BCC in Emails n how to use that, where it is use. Wht r the features that gmail have. I have a/c in gmail but I know only common task of gmail like composing,reading, attachment,folders. Apart frm these any special...
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