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    Anyone on TE facing this issue?

    Hi All, When I am opening TE , it is giving me below screen, I entered my username and password and still window appears again.Can anyone help me out?
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    Please help in choosing laptop from US

    Hi All, I am getting a laptop from one of my friend from US (as he is coming to India next month) I am confused between Dell/HP/Lenovo (because my budget is only 800$ and I need 2.4 GHz processor and I am not much into gaming either) I have chosen Dell Inspiron with below config...
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    Visit to an NGO in Gurgaon named DEEP ASHRAM..

    Sometimes life gives you everything and sometimes it takes a lot of things from you. But there are some for whom life has always taken and gave nothing. Some efforts are necessary to make their life better and give them some of the part which you have achieved. In order to achieve this, we...
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    Will Satyam Computers go bankrupt? Raju resigns

    Satyam's own Ramalinga Raju resigned and admitted that he had committed fraud and cash books of Satyam were inflated. The Satyam balance sheet, as on September 30, 2008, had an accrued interest of Rs 376 crore (Rs 3.76 billion) which is non-existent. It also had an understated liability of Rs...
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    Lehman Brothers Bankrupt ??

    Source : Rediff Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. will file for bankruptcy after Barclays and Bank of America abandoned talks to buy the company. The global investment bank will file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy petition. A press release by the company said Lehman Brothers' US subsidiaries or...
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