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  1. HumanRobot

    Sandisk Sansa fuze cover

    On eBay there are people who ship internationally so that is something to take a look at.
  2. HumanRobot

    Ebook reader suggestion

    Kindle was the first good eBook reader out there so if you judge things by originality than that's what to go with. I like it, personally.
  3. HumanRobot

    Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter

    I read 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books (yeah, I never read the last one, ha) so I have to say I like that better. And the LOTR trilogy is nine hours of people walking.
  4. HumanRobot

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    That's one of my favorite movies, I can definitely vouch for this!
  5. HumanRobot

    Avatar - The Last Airbender

    This is definitely a pretty good show, unfortunately it was murdered in movie form. But the cartoon is pretty interesting.
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