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    Complete 3D TV technical guide

    Very very good and knowledge enriching information you gave. very useful. I am going to buy a 3d TV and was searching for such information. I had decided to buy Samsung or Sony active 3d TV, but now rethinking of buying passive 3d. However has the new active 3d TVs introduced in 2013 have...
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    Sharing PPPoE connection

    Will the router work properly if I reset it to factory default and configure again.
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    Sharing PPPoE connection

    I am having a cable broadband connection i.e.on PPPoE connection. I baught Linksys e1500N router and set everything as per the instruction in this thread. Al was working well for 10/15 days but recently router started dropping the connection very oftenly. If I disconnect and reconnect the WiFi...
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    what is faulty ?

    I was also facing the same problem. It was due to faulty graphics card. CPU and PS fans used to spin for some time and PC used to shutdown. When I removed the Graphic card it started properly with embeded graphic on MOBO. I replaced my Xforce graphics card with new. Now PC is OK.
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    the Intel LGA 1155 motherboard thread

    My budget is upto 10K.
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    the Intel LGA 1155 motherboard thread

    I have i7 2600. suggest a mbd that will give better performance.
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    Two monitors with G-Force 6200 graphic card

    My configuration is C2D E 6750, ASUS P5K VM MBD, NVIDIA G-Force 6200 Turbocache graphic card, 2 GB RAM, Viewsonic 19" LCD VX 1932. I have connected LCD on DVI port. Can I use my old LG 17" CRT connected to VGA port on same graphic card simulteneously in dual monitor mode.
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    looking for a software

    If you use winrar, you can see all the hidden folders on your drive.
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    dvd writers - Which one to buy ?

    I am having problem with my Sony DVD writter.It is not recognising CDs though it recognises DVDs. I am using WinVista OS. Is it due to OS.
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    LG DVD Writer problem!!

    I have smae problem with my Sony DVD writter. Lens cleaning doesnot work. Is it because I migrated to Winvista. It was working with XP.
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    while installing win xp show error msg...pls help

    I had also the same problem. Problem is with partitioning. I deleted all the partitions, re-partitioned the the disk again and formated the partitions. It worked. I used Norton Partion Magic.
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    Help for Sony Handycam on Firewire port

    I bought P5K-VM at 8.5K in Mumbai
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    Help for Sony Handycam on Firewire port

    When I connect Sony Handycam DCR TRV 355E Digital8 to IEEE 1394 port it is asking for a driver to install. I searched a driver for the same but did not find even on Sony's website. Pl help. My system is C2D E6750, Asus P5K VM mobo with built in Firewire port and OS is Windows VISTA. It was not...
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    mobo for 6550

    ASUS P5K-VM supports FSB 1333 MHz
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    intel DG 33 FBC or ASUS P5K-VM

    I baught ASUS P5K-VM for 8.5K today in Mumbai. Where do you get it for 7K.
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    Identification mark : hard-disk SATA & SATA2

    Can SATA1 and SATA2 HDDs be installed in one PC?
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Bought 1.C2D E6750 for Rs 8500/-, 2.ASUS P5K-VM MOBO for Rs 8500/- , 3.Seagate 160 GB SATA2 for Rs. 2300/- 4.Transcend 1GB DDR2 533 Memory module for Rs.1975/-
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