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  1. ashishnehete

    Basic upgrade for arround 15-18k

    Hi, I got a request from my friend to upgrade his PC he wants to upgrade his Motherboard Processor RAM Cabinet All the other stuff he will be using from his old C2D I a came up with this config for him, as he is into basic to moderate gaming Processor: AMD A8 3850 Gaming Processor Quad Core...
  2. ashishnehete

    Is This config proper

    I have decide to go for building this rig but iam nt sure about what will go togethere and their cost in mumbai plz also recomend the missing components Intel i7 920-14400/- MSI X58 PRO-E-11400/- 3 GB corsair dominator 1600MHz DDR3-4400/-(nt sure about this) Seagate 1TB 7200-4000/- Saphire...
  3. ashishnehete

    seting up LAN server for UT

    Guys i am having a LAN gaming party i have to put atleast 25 pc in network for unreal tournament the oldest version how to make a dedicated server for the same how to use it??
  4. ashishnehete

    disposing a 10 year old computer

    Guys i have been using my P3 machine for around 10 years now the problem is tat its RAM got burnt out and i am least interested in spending on a P3 and am thinkin of buying a new machine,but Where does the old machine go ? junk seller do not properly dispose the hazardeous waste in the machine...
  5. ashishnehete

    dvd drive vanishes

    hey guys i just brought mosserbear dvd-r pack of 100 disk but when ever i put it in the dvd drive the drive vanishes and in device manager it says diconnected my machine is dell inspiron 6400 vista 32 bit is there a problem with my drives or all the disk disk other from that pack are runnin
  6. ashishnehete

    Recovery KABOOM

    Guys my laptop HP Pavilion dv5-1106ax was seriously trogan infected courpting many system files though i dont think it didnot affect my recovery drive that the laptop has as i performed a boot time scan by avast it showed affected files only in C: drive and D: remained untouched seemed so. I...
  7. ashishnehete

    Virus issue

    Guys there is a file Adobereader9.0 in my pen drrve and hdd which i am not able to delete it is a virus i think but it is not detected by avast wat do yaar maira proj ka kafi data hai tat i dont want to delete
  8. ashishnehete

    RAM for inspirion6400

    What is the maximum ram can dell inspirion 6400 can handle please give me the specification of the ram to buy frequency all that stuff which company i should go 4 i want thiss info urgent as my dad will be in lamington road
  9. ashishnehete

    pppoe connection

    I am currently using a PPPoe dailup connection on my laptop the guy came and instaled it on my laptop but i now i want the connection on my pc i instalted the drivers and set up a connection entering the username and password but on my lappy it accepts but on my pc it denies the guys will...
  10. ashishnehete

    Billing software

    does any boby know or have any free billing software please i need it its urgent:confused:
  11. ashishnehete

    Printing papers

    this would sound a little wierd ? But guys i wanted to print stickers for my car means that non washable not to big normal paper size does any body know what kind of paper do i need ,do this job on a inkjet printer ,or what kind of printer do i need, last but least where could i find it and...
  12. ashishnehete

    Buissness & music Cell 4 around 16k

    I have been using 6630 4 a while around 2 yrs it works good i am writing this thread 4m it now it started 2 give some problem likd its sound was reduced very much & keypad & range ,it gets heated on using so my father gave me a budjet of 16k i need a cell with:- 1.Good sound quality <cam...
  13. ashishnehete

    Java Software

    i have decided to learn Java my self from books which is the java software i can do the work as i am totaly new to this JAVA thing
  14. ashishnehete

    Partition problem

    i have Dell Inspirion 6400 with 120 GB hard disk it give me 111.78GB of space the C drive contains Windows Vista of 40 GB i thought that would install XP on D Drive of 22 GB i made a new partition of 40 GB for multimedia but there is 10 GB which appears to be unallocated but i can not make a...
  15. ashishnehete

    can we instal xp with vista present

    i jjust got my dell inspirion 6400 which is loaded with windows vista home basic can i install xp on my other drive would there be any problem the computer management in the control pannel shows that the D drive is a logical partion but it is too large in size can i make it smaller to instal...
  16. ashishnehete

    pentium III overclocking

    I have an old pc about 8 years old config as follow:- Pentium III 667 MHz L2 Cache 256 kb Ram 384 SD DDR RAM PC133MHz(256+128) Mother board Compaq 0588h Is there any way i can increase its speed Or overclock it any how I have to hang out with this pc for about 2 more years Please helps
  17. ashishnehete

    Linux Queries

    I did not find any tread for solving any of the problems for linux So i decided to make a new one I just finished installing Linux Mandrake 7.0 but i am not able to connect to internet through it i have a broad band connection ya wanted to know can i use my dvd writer , printer Tv tunner...
  18. ashishnehete

    DVD Writter problem

    Guys i need ur help yaar my dvd writter has stoped detecting dvds i can not access to any of the digit dvds or any other dvd the firmware is fully updated its a SAMSUNG writemaster SH-W162 i really need acess to my dvds PLEASE HELP
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