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  1. goobimama

    Digit meetup anyone?

    Hello boys. I'll be tripping to Mumbai for the BarCamp event, and was wondering whether we could have a sort of meetup of sorts. The event is on the 1st, so we could have the meetup on the second. What say? Goobi PS: I can bring pics of Small Cat if anyone wants.
  2. goobimama

    [Digg]it. The Digg club.

    Every once in a way you write a terrific blog post, and you know it is good cause you have worked really hard on it. But, there's no one there to read it besides a few blog regulars. So how do you get it out into the world? Stumbling gets useless traffic, and getting google results is tough...
  3. goobimama

    Official September 2008 Desktop Thread

    Posting Guidelines: * Do not post full images, post only thumbnails or direct links (host your images at get the thumbnail code from there and paste it here) * All posts with full images can be deleted by the mods * The desktops thread is not to be used to post images...
  4. goobimama

    Need some DOS help

    Here's the scenario. A DOS program needs to be run, and print out invoices. So far it has worked as a nice dual boot system. XP on one end, and Win98 with its core files missing so it automatically boots into DOS. Now WinXP was recently reinstalled, and for some reason, the EPSON LX-80...
  5. goobimama

    FS: HP dv6000 notebook.

    My friend Axel wants to sell his HP notebook and get a Mac (realised the goodness of the Mac after he got the iPhone). I think the machine is somewhere 6 months old, but no warranty will be available. However, the thing has been hardly ever used, and treated like a baby. He even puts the soft...
  6. goobimama

    Deviantart refreshes to version 6! Looks awesome!

    Anyone checked out the new Deviantart website? The interface is much improved. Very fluid, Ajaxian, and nice! I've copy pasted some of the stuff from the official DA article. . You had best check it out there instead of reading more here. All in all, a great improvement to an already...
  7. goobimama

    What is your first post?

    Here's something funny. This will especially be entertaining for the old users of this forum. See how n00bish you are. My first post I almost banned myself looking at that! This one goes way back to the 1518th thread in this forum (the current ones come in at 92000+) So, what's your...
  8. goobimama

    New wordpress theme: Fodri Pulao

    I made this wordpress theme and now I don't know what to do with it so I'm posting it here. The theme name is Fodri Pulao, a very authentic and rural goan term for a nice delicacy :) There's a lot of transparency going on here and there so it looks kinda neat. One can change the...
  9. goobimama

    My identity is being stolen! Some prick posting around in my name.

    Today I get an email from ChotoCheetah (Saurav) about why he posted something on his blog and why I was wrong in posting that comment of mine (supposedly). He was pretty upset at my remarks. Now I'm surprised cause the last time I visited his blog was like a month ago. So I checked out his blog...
  10. goobimama

    Tester: System for sale

    System for sale! ASAP! 7900GT - Coolermaster 600W SMPS I've got a PC which I want to get rid off so I can stick a mac there instead. No troubles so far other than Windows doing its rubbish. Here's the config: Pentium 4 3.06Ghz + 915GAV board + 1GB DDR400 transcend RAM + DVD Combo drive...
  11. goobimama

    Engadget Awards 2007. iPhone wins again!

    Obviously there's a lot more awards, but here are the first 6 in each of the categories. You were saying... Engadget Awards 2007
  12. goobimama

    New Paymate offer. Double your money.

    Paymate Offer I'm not sure where to post this, or whether it has been already posted, so here goes anyway. You buy a voucher for say 500 bucks, and when you checkout at a shopping site, that voucher is worth 1000 bucks. Use at your own risk/discretion, I'm just spreading the news.
  13. goobimama

    SlySoft's latest AnyDVD HD release strips BD+ from Blu-ray Discs

    Engadget Tis true. Lots of BD+ movies which were previously not available are not floating around in space.
  14. goobimama

    A small little motherboard query

    I want to upgrade my machine. Was thinking of getting that Pentium dual-core 1.8Ghz CPU (E 2160) + Motherboard. Now the thing is I might want to soon upgrade that to a C2D (of maybe 2.66Ghz or so). Will the motherboards be compatible? Which board should I get? Also, how silent are these C2D...
  15. goobimama

    Feature Request: Auto-delete PMs from inbox

    I hope I'm not causing any problems with this. Mods? I'm not sure about you guys, but I find that I never really need to save messages in my PM box. They are usually some small time chitter chatter. And most of the time I forget to empty it and all that which results in PMs getting blocked...
  16. goobimama

    Toshiba Quits HD DVD Business

    ^^ Watch you mouth boy. India is one country.
  17. goobimama

    Photoshop:: Create Underwater Ocean

    This one’s a little advanced, as in I’ve not put many detailed steps. You should know your way around photoshop before going in for this one. Anyway, it’s easy enough otherwise and produces some great results. Step 1: Create a new document. Make it large enough, maybe a 1680*1050 for a 20” iMac...
  18. goobimama

    Max LAN cable length?

    I need to connect a PC to a router, but it's really far away. I just need it for internet use and nothing else. Even if I get slow internet speeds (I've got 2mbps) it is okay. What is the max length that I can use for this purpose? Google says it's around 100 metres, but I was wondering whether...
  19. goobimama

    Photoshop: Spotlight on object

    Okay. Now this one pretty much uses techniques from my earlier two tutorials, but I thought I’d share it anyway. You never know who will need it. It’s to create a spotlight on any object. Could be a software box, application icon, or a baboon’s rear end. Step 1: Create a fairly large...
  20. goobimama

    Any of you guys in Pune?

    I'll be tripping to Pune on the 29th till 31st evening and was wondering how many of you jokers are around that area. Maybe we could have a meet up or sorts. My diet is going to be McDonalds and KFC's (due to unavailability of that 'delicacy' in Goa). What say? If the conditions are right, I...
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