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  1. Dipen01

    [FS] : Hitachi Deskstar SATA HDD - 250 GB - Warranty (Jan-2012)

    Hi, Interesting in selling following HDD Hitachi Deskstar SATA HDD - 250 GB Size : 250 GB Model : HDT722525DLA380 S/N : T8EH1BJH P/N : 0A30786 Warranty : Till - 10 Jan 2012 Reason : Shifted to Laptop since a while, so don't use Internal Drives that much. Pics ...
  2. Dipen01

    [FS] Seagate 7200.12, 750 GB Harddisk - Warranty (4.5 yrs)

    Deal is done.. Thank You :)
  3. Dipen01

    Suggestions for Good "City Building Games"

    Hi, Can anyone please suggest me some good "City Building Games" I played one Caesar III and Roller Coaster Tycoon decades back.. Read the Release of Sim City: Societies. So got interested in playing those again.. So any good recommendations on those lines :) Here is the...
  4. Dipen01

    Need User Reviews on following Games...

    Hey guys, I need some reviews on following games. I'm kinda itching for games lately as havent played one since Bloodmoney and Pro Street. I googled/wikied and got some titles. My main interest is - FPS,"Stealth",Strategy,Racing,Sports. I kinda avoid TPS but what the heck. My fav games...
  5. Dipen01

    How about 10-10 ?

    These days lots of 20-20 is being played in IPL so i even kinda got the urge to hit some sixes in 10-10 :ashamed: So Brian Lara 2007 :p I chose England and played agains West Indies and Difficulty was County i.e maximum :D Here are the scores :- 1st Innings :- 2nd Innings...
  6. Dipen01

    Transfer Contacts from SE W580 to Samsung D880

    Hey guys, I really need to transfer all of my contacts from SE W580 to Samsung D880. I tried everything with thier bluetooth but nothing seems to be working. I really dont have time to type all the contacts in Samsung D880. Any type of help is appreciated. Regards,
  7. Dipen01

    Recommend me some FPS / Racing / Strategy Games

    Hey guys, I know there has been lots of discussion of fav games/all times games etc a lot. Still i wanted suggestions based on my config ;) I have : C2D 6300, 7900 GS GFX , 1 GB RAM (667Mhz) I havent played any games since couple of years so out of touch with any new FPS/Strategy...
  8. Dipen01

    !! Themes for SE W580 !!

    Hey guys, Where can i find some nice themes for SE W580 ? If you know certain site which cannot be mentioned here due to Forum Rules. Please do PM me as I found some legit sites but themes are of below par quality, nothing exciting. Regards,
  9. Dipen01

    Restricting Speeds in IDM !!

    Hey guys, I want to know if theres any way i can limit my download speed in IDM. Because what happens is when i am using both Torrents and IDM.. Even though i have plenty of speeds and i keep the Torrents Priority High.. IDM eats up all the bandwidth.. Although similar option is there in...
  10. Dipen01

    Rundll Error in Vista !!

    Hey guys, I am facing some problem with Vista. Recently dunno why there is frequent pop-up of some Rundll error (Screenshot Attached). This happens anytime without any pattern. Nothing i do triggers it. Also there can be multiple instances of same. At one time there were 5 errors...
  11. Dipen01

    !! Forum dedicated "Exclusively" for Books

    Hey guys, I am looking for good forums exclusively dedicated for books. i.e Previews,Reviews,Ratings, Suggestions, Discussions of all types of books (Fiction/Non Fiction) I saw some forums where they have sections for Books but i want total focus on Books. Thanx.. :)
  12. Dipen01

    !! Best Screen Recording Software

    Hey guys, I am looking for the best screen recording software.. My aim is to record my ingame activities and recording some desktop activity.. I have heard that Fraps is good but still want some opinions over it :) Let me know you point of view Thanx
  13. Dipen01

    !! Ever heard of 'Krawler Networks' ?

    Hey guys, I am from Pune, studying I.T engg (Final yr). Tomorrow i have an Aptitude and Interview for Krawler Networks. I just needed some feedback over this company 'Krawler Networks'. Last year also it had recruited couple of guys from our College. I have no idea abt package as of...
  14. Dipen01

    !! How to play NFS Carbon over LAN

    Hey guys, Can i play NFS Carbon over LAN . There are only 2 PCs..and are connected over LAN. I couldnt find such option in NFS Carbon. Do i need some patch or what..?? Or one cant play over LAN. It would be strange if this game doesnt allow playing over LAN.. Thanx..
  15. Dipen01

    !! Virtual Dub Problem - Urgent

    Hey guys, i wanted to compress a certain avi file using Xvid and Mp3 but when i tried using Virtual dub, in Audio Compression i couldnt find any options under Mpeg Layer - 3, which is unusual !! I am posting a screen shot.!! Well usually i HAVE to unwillingly do all my compressions under...
  16. Dipen01

    Test Drive Unlimited Doubt..

    Hey guys, I am facing some gameplay problem with Test Drive..I installed it yesterday..what happens is, when i click on start for my very first race the race isnt initiated...the cam just rotates..but Race isnt gettin initiated....Theres just one thing that can be done i.e exit..!! and wen i...
  17. Dipen01

    Unable to start TC in Win XP....Its Very Urgent..

    Hey guys, Tried starting TC and its givin this error Well i have used TC in XP earlier...whats the problem here..?? I need to use TC tonite.. at any cost..!! Any other options..
  18. Dipen01

    !! DC++ doubt, Urgent

    Hey guys, One of my friends is in Mumbai (GKP) using genstar (local cable) cable internet.. I guess Genstar has its own HUB for DC++. Is there any chance if i connect wid that friend thru DC++..well i know the speed would be very less due to Internet and not Intranet..!! But atleast by any...
  19. Dipen01

    !! Ubuntu 7.04 Loading Problem..

    Hey guys, Installed Ubuntu 7.04 yesterday. Facing some problems while loading it...I meant it sometimes hangs on loading screen or at time it goes to linux command prompt and all.. I dunno whats happening..and whats the reason.. Can it be that i installed it on Extended Partition..?? so...
  20. Dipen01

    FS: Hynix 256MB SD RAM[133Mhz]

    Hey Wanna Sell my 5 Months Old Hynix 256 SD RAM 133Mhz, I was using it with PIII 1Ghz. Total Warranty was of 9 Months and so 4 Months of Local Warranty Pending. Reason for Selling - Building a New PC If anyone interested let me know :)
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