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    [Complaint] Horrible experiences with Accel/Gigabyte

    Hello folks, In this thread I would like to share my experience with Accel which manages RMA for Gigabyte. A year & half ago, when building my new AMD rig, I chose motherboard from Gigabyte as after sales service was quite good compared to others. Instant refurbished replacements were...
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    WD 1TB Green WD10EADS

    Product Name: WD 1TB Green - WD10EADS Expected Price: Rs 3000 shipped Shipping charges: Included Description if any: This is sealed pack drive received from RMA. It is Recertified drive. Reason for Sale: Upgraded to 2TB Red Product condition: out 10 of 10 Purchase Date: September 2009 Remaining...
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    CFA : Should I do or not ?

    Hello, Currently I m on horizon of completing first year of my MBA program from one of the top college in Mumbai University. I m going to opt for Finance as a specialization. Final placement season would be in Dec-13/Jan-14. Giving me around 7/7.5 months of time. In this time I want to make...
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    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Hi friends, In one of my subjects of my MBA course I have been asked to carry out a research project on subject of my choice. I have chosen subject of 'Study of consumer buying behavior with respect to smart phones'. Being a techie I chose to post it here and get views of other techies out...
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    New HDD confusion

    Hello pals, I need total of 2TB of internal storage. To minimize risk of data loss in case of HDD failure i m considering 4 drives of 500GB. Already I m using WD blue 500 GB (september 2008purchase) and 1TB Green drive(april 2009 purchase). I m satisfied with Blue drive but Green drive is...
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    iPad 1 64GB WiFi + 3G - 13,999 - Mumbai

    Hi guys I m selling following product on behalf on my friend. It has dents on 4 corners and a crack on 3G black strip on black side as about a year ahead it had fell on staircase and rolled 3-4 steps. However it does not affect its functionality at all. Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL...
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    Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 - Display Dead - for Rs.1499

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 Expected Price: [Rs 1499/-] Sold Locally Time of Purchase: December 2010 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: Lying unused from a month around Purchase Invoice...
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    Multiple Items - some giving rebirth to a machine

    Posting it very late I know but I m kinda busy as well as lazy. :P First in August starting with my MBA I recognized need of a tablet and started searching over net and got following for damages - 13K So I got my first tablet as iPad 1st Gen 32GB WiFi only...
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    Battery for my HP DV6 3057TX

    Hi folks, Battery of my HP DV6 3057TX died suddenly after 2 years. It was giving me constant charge of around at least 2.5 hours till it died. I was very happy and proud of it. I need replacement for same. From where can i get genuine battery for same (open to more cell battery too)? Its...
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    Laptop for MBA student - 13" Screen - 23/25K - not more than 1.7Kg

    What's your Budget -> 23-25K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? MS Office work, HD Videos, Web Surfing What size and weight considerations do you have? Screen at-least 13" - weight max 1.7kg Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? No to Acer, Lenovo and...
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    Compaq Presario C308TU - XP installing help

    Hi, I am trying to install OS on Compaq Presario C308TU. Following are observations On booting normally, a long continuous beep. After which if went further and XP logo is displyed, within a second a BSOD is displayed and system reboots. Can not see BSOD code. Booted from Linux, I...
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    Apple iPod Touch 2G 8GB

    Apple iPod Touch 2G 8GB Model number:Apple iPod Touch 2G 8GB Details: working perfectly fine, Screen guard from day 1, usage scratches on back, small dent on top Reason for sale: upgraded to iPod Touch 4G 32GB Accessories: Data cable, Case, Original box Condition: 8/10 Date of purchase: 17...
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    3.5mm Jack Extension Cable

    Hi, I have upper part of Sony Ericsson HPM 77. I need to use it with my iPod. Any extension cable available which does not looses audio quality ? Please let me know. Regards.
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    Can not install Win 7 on my SSD

    I have config as per my Siggy. Recently I got my SSD replaced. I am trying to install Win 7 on it via DVD as well as Pen Drive, disconnecting 2 HDDs. Hence only SSD and DVD-RW is present on SATA ports. BIOS priority kept as only CD-ROM when trying to install from DVD-RW and only HDD with Pen...
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    MAH-MBA-CET 99.88 percentile

    Hi guys, I appeared for Maharashtra MBA CET for the year 2012. Yesterday results were out. I scored 99.88 percentile at 132 marks. I am in Top 100 across state out of ~80,000 people. I am very happy and thought of to share news here. Now next two stages are Group Discussion and an Interview...
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    E6550 compatibility with Dell Optiplex 780

    Hi, I would like to know if C2D E6550 is compatible with Dell Optiplex 780 or not ? Dell Optiplex 780 has Q45 chipset. FSB wont be a problem na ? Regards.
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    LAN connection between Windows 7 and Ubuntu

    Hi, How do we can setup LAN connection between Windows 7 and Ubuntu ? I want to copy data from Ubuntu system to Windows 7 system. Regards.
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    Stuck with XP installation

    Hi, I am trying to install Windows XP SP3 Home Edition on my Dell Mini 12 from a disc which came with it using a external DVD-Drive. In BIOS Boot Priority is 1st for DVD-Drive and 2nd for HDD. It does booth from CD and lets me select partition in which i want to install XP and later on it...
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    "No show" of HDD in BIOS

    Hi, At my workplace HDD of one of machine have crashed. It has project related important data. It is not getting detected in Disk Management, Diskpart -> List Disk. In BIOS, i can see entry of SATA port#. But it just says 0.0MB; not even model number of HDD. I guess this HDD have crashed...
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    Is my SSD dead ?

    Hi, From past 10-12 days I was experiencing weird small freezes in my system. Like If I click on a folder it would take 5 to 10 seconds to open and display all of its content at that time I could move mouse, can enable Capslock ON/OFF. Also it was random, it may happen once may not happen...
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