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    Adobe DRM protected .pdf file

    Hi, I have got a pdf file... nw it is important to open the file for me. I have tried desperate measures to open but.. it does'nt. It is protected by the new Adobe DRM security. If i open it it downloads the DRM thing from adobe and says you can now read digital editions or bla bla bla...
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    domain transfer

    hi i have a .com domain, which i got it registered from my website developer. now he is nt comming up nor i am able to do it myself. also it is expired now. i mean the 1 yr validity is also finished. how can i get it back. like i want the same domain name and i want to create and upload pages...
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    encrypt a pen-drive

    Hi, I need a software which will encrypt the drive itself. i have been searching this kind of software from a long time and i find s/w which will create a encrypted image, it will ask for password and we have to mount the image... in true-crypt ( ) In...
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    automatic partition restore from cd/dvd

    Hello i want a software from which i can create bootable cd with automatic restore of partition. right now if i make a image of my partition i have to boot from a cd then restore the image. so it would be better if there is a software were the image is on cd's or dvd with boot option and a...
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    network problem

    hi, this is a unique prob in my life. plz help.. i got a new sony vaio notebook from uk, config : centrino 1.73, 512 ddr, 100 gb hdd, dvd-writer, geforce go with 128mb 15.4'' wide screen with built in lan, modem & intel 802.11g wireless network adapter. i connect this notebook to a hub...
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    NFS undreground & U2 save files

    hi i want to format my hard disk. so i want to backup my save files of need for speed underground & underground 2. how can i do it. please help me. i hav completed hell lot of leveles & don't wanna lose them. mahesh bangalore
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    sound card with digital din

    hi i have purchased creative inspire 5700D excatly two years back from UAE at the time of its launch .i had also bought audigy with internal drive with it. after long use audigy is gone waste. it got some irrepairable problem. i want a 5.1 sound card which has a digital din. because if i...
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    wireless network - WiFi

    Hi i am thinking of setting up a wifi network b/w my office and home ( abt 2 km far). can i know where i can buy, what all i need to buy to setup a network. & also the main cofigurations to share internet & files securely across the network. i stay in bangalore. last week i bought a new...
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    creative live5.1 (sb0220) doesn't work in xp

    Hi i hav inspire 5700 digital speakers & audigy. some prob with sudigy so i got a live 5.1 digital (model: SB0220) sound card from my friend. even its not working. i got a driver after searching the net for 4 hrs. i get output only from the green jack(front). but there is no centre speaker...
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    win xp with amd athlon xp restart frequently

    hi, my system with athlon xp 2000+ & win xp sp1a, asrock via chipset m/b, pioneer dvd-rw drive & lg 52x cd-rw drive, using built in sound card with inspire 5700D. my system restarts very frequently, sometimes just after the welcome screen, before desktop appears. updated some security updates...
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