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    NEED Urgent Help.. Compaq Presario V6004

    Hi, I am in search of Recovery disk set for Compaq Presario Model V6004AU, My set of disks are missing & I am not able to recover the system using Recovery partition either. Please share the disk thru torrent or file sharing service. If Anybody is from Ahmedabad with the above laptop...
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    Strange problem.. HCL Busybee P-III PC.

    Hi, One of my friend has HCL Busybee PC with - MB: MSI Model : MS 6368 - Pro.: 1.0Ghz P-III - RAM : 133MHZ 256MB SD - HDD: 80GB Samsung - DVD Writer: LG 16X - LAN CARD & Modem Now the problem is that, when he starts the comp. after the post. beep computer doesn't boot...
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    Price for 2gb Memry stick

    Hii, Anybody help get latest Price of Memory Stick Duo for My SE W700i. ??
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    Windows shows Harddisk as Safely removable device.

    I have Athlon X2 4200+ ASUS A8N-E 1GB and Win XP SP2 160GB Sata2 Hdd.----> SATA-1 80 GB Pata Hdd.--->Primary Master I install the drivers accompained with the motherboard CD. Now the Windows shows all the partitions as Safely removeable device. Please help to disable this.
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    Help deceiding Configuration.

    I need to buy a pc for Heavy Graphics & Gaming. Suggest Changes in the following config. AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 512*2 RAM 160 GB sata Hdd Which mother board should buy I want to go for Nvidia 6600GT . also suggest which ATI card would be go along the nvidia 6600gt. Which is a...
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