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    Suggest a TV

    Hi, Firstly I would Say I am total Noob in this department. I am looking to buy a personal TV for my room. I Generally watch lot of movies So HDMI port is must. I am totally unaware of all the technical terms related To TV. So Please suggest me tv LED/LCD within 25,000 with max features...
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    Tablet for about 10,000

    hi ! I am looking for tablet for my parents. So i wont be needing it for gaming. I am confused between:- Asus Fonepad 7 me175cg -11,000 FE170CG -8000 dell venue 7 (16gb/3g) - 10,000 . Dell Venue 8 (16 GB) - 10,000 Also Can any please let me know what is available storage space in these...
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    How is AHP-1200 ahuja headphone for Monitoring ?

    Have anyone tried Ahuja headphones for Monitoring ? I have been told they are widely used in India for studio purposes ? Let me know your experience about it. I am looking for Monitoring Headphone for Voice over purposes. For now I have HD 202 Headphones which obviously are not for monitoring...
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    Laptop for about 50 K for extreme laptop user

    HI ! I am extreme Laptop user (15- 18 hours a day) , as my work depends on it. So durability is important for me. I earlier had studio series dell laptop and it was very fragile. But I liked the service of the dell. (call them and they were at home replacing the part within a week without any...
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    monitoring Headphones

    I need monitoring Headphones for 1000 - 2000 . I need it for monitoring the quality of sound and recording. Thanks in advance
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    Home Stuido Help

    Hi everyone.... I have been looking for gears for home studio. I have seen that there are many Indian peoples out here, so I want to take advise on microphones For now I have at2035 with scarlett 2i2, which was the best I could afford. But still I have not been able to get the quality like...
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    Hx240 vs HX20V

    hi ! I made thread few days back and asked for your suggestions !! You guys recommended me SX240 HS and HX20 v My priorities are good IQ, VQ , low light performance !! I want it for family trips and functions ! Now I am getting the both at nearly same price of 15000-16000 ! Can you please...
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    camera needed upto 15k

    hi ! i need a suggestion on the purchase of camera! i read many forums but it made me more confused ! I am newbie and i need it for all tours (which includes zoomed picture , recording from inside the cars) for upcoming functions like diwali ! and for home-based low or no light recording ...
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