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    Studio 1555 thermal woes and sudden shut downs

    My Studio 1555 laptop is over 2 years old now. As of late it gets turned off suddenly while gaming and the underside gets really hot. On calling the Dell Customer Care, i was informed that they would be sending a technician on renewing the warranty. However, the cost of renewal is arnd 8k and...
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    Console Confusion

    Guys... i am interested in getting a console... :)) The X360(slim) and Wii are the ones that I have shortlisted.I love RPGs and am a huge fan of Oblivion and wanna play Skyrim. But dont want to upgrade my comp to play every damn game. I can spend arnd 15k. At the same tym i cannot afford...
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    Ebook reader suggestion

    hello fellow tech freaks, I am Manoj, doing second year B. Tech CSE at NIT - Trichy. I intend to buy an ebook reader that would mainly be used to read academic text. Since I have a considerable number of pdf files of subject books, I believe that investing in an ebook reader would make reading...
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    ANDROID confusion

    hey guys, I am a b. tech cse student from NIT - Trichy. I want a smartphone powered by android and have short - listed the Moto Milestone, Nokia N900(i don't mind the fact that it runs Maemo) and HTC Legend. I would love to customize the phone and am aware of the fact that Maemo is better...
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    Gaming woe - system restarts while gaming

    Gaming woe - system shuts down while gaming Hello people.. This is my first post.. My computer shuts down whenever i play a graphics intensive game like bioshock or fallout. Everything is fine for about 5 minutes and then the system shuts down without any warning. I took it to my hardware...
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