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    Transcend 160GB Portable 2.5 inch

    Want to sell my Transcend 160GB Portable 2.5 inch Used for 1.5 years but very sparingly. Have just backed up my laptop data on it after purchasing and hardly used ever since. Reason for selling: Planning to buy a higher capacity portable hard disk. Price expected: Rs.1500 I am based...
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    MTNL Mumbai 256kbps Unlimited at Rs.599

    MTNL Mumbai 256kbps Unlimited Internet now only at Rs.599 per month :)
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    MTNL Mumbai Plan Changes

    MTNL Mumbai has made a couple of changes to its triband plans. 1. In Rs.749 you now get 384kbps unlimited instead of 256kbps unlimited 2. Night Unlimited time is now 10PM to 8AM instead of 12AM to 8AM Cheers !!
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    MTNL Mumbai Triband Unlimited 256kbps at Rs.749

    Great news for Mumbai users: MTNL Mumbai introduces Unlimited Triband at 256kbps at Rs.749 pm Yippee!!
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    Help required for buying a 32 inch LCD

    I am looking to buy a 32 inch LCD TV and have a couple of queries. Ideally I would prefer a LCD TV within Rs.35k. 1. The more famous brands like Sony & Samsung don't seem to offer USB on all their models. The only Sony LCD which offers USB has a MRP of Rs.49000, though should be available at...
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    Camera phone below 8k for wife

    Need to buy a camera phone for wife. Budget Rs.8k Currently considering the following: Nokia 5130 XM Nokia 5220 XM Nokia 7310 Nokia 7510 Supernova (is this available?) Nokia 6300 (not too keen since its a old model & has poor battery life) I think the 5220 has the best camera out of...
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    Nokia 5800 price dropped

    It seems Nokia has dropped the price of its Nokia 5800. The phone is now available for Rs.16.5k on wavetelmobiles. It is also available for Rs.18k on TheMobileStore even after the VAT hike in Maharashtra.
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    Price hike on Mobilestore ??

    Price hike in Mobiles in Maharashtra Just noticed the mobile prices on the Mobilestore website and was shocked to see that all prices have been hiked. They are now showing the following prices: Nokia E75: Rs.25109 Nokia N82: Rs.20769 Nokia E90: Rs.35699 These are just examples. These...
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    Panasonic Digital Cameras

    I have been reading a few Panasonic reviews and I find that a common complaint of most Pannys is that they have too much noise even at low ISOs. Is this correct? Also they seem to have weaker flash as compared to the Sonys & the Canons. But they are much advanced in features as compared to...
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    MTNL Mumbai launches Unlimited 256kbps Broadband at Rs.999

    Finally, MTNL Mumbai babus have woken up. 256kbps Unlimited access launched at Rs.999 in Mumbai. :)) Still not as cheap as Delhi though :(
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    Digicam Recommendation?

    I want to buy a digicam as per the following requirements: 1. MegaPixels is not an issue. 7 MP is just fine. 2. Optical Zoom : Atleast 3x. Preferably 4x but 3x is ok. 3. Should be sleek & pocketable (Very Very Important) 4. Should have Li-on battery. No AA batteries. (If AA batteries are...
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    Big Nokia Announcement Coming up

    Nokia is all set to make a major announcement on Tuesday & Wednesday (2nd & 3rd December) Could it be the flagship touchscreen N-Series? Look here:
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    Getting cricket images for blog

    From where can I get royalty free images of cricketers & cricket matches to put on a cricket blog?
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    Hathway Digital Cable Questions

    I have some queries regarding Hathway Digital Cable TV service in NON-CAS areas. My cable operator tells me that the set top boxes are out of stock & it will take some time for him to get new boxes. What are my options? Can I contact Hathway Mumbai directly? I asked my cable operator whether...
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    Rapidshare Premium Downloading

    I wanted to know a couple of things about downloading using Rapidshare Premium Accounts: 1. Which download manager supports Rapidshare Premium the best? Does Getright work correctly with Rapidshare? 2. If I add a few Rapidshare links to getright, can I download it anytime during the next...
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    Best DTH Service

    Which of these would you buy if you are 'asantusht' with your cablewalla? TATA Sky: Works on older MPEG2 technology. But is tried & tested. Has a very good multiroom option. Dish TV: No Neo Cricket. So if u r a cricket fan, this choice automatically gets cancelled. BIG TV: User reviews...
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    The Death of UIQ

    UIQ is dead Source: @dreamcatcher: I guess u can stop dreaming about Hecaro now :))
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    Nokia N79 & N85 available

    Nokia N79 & N85: First Impressions is now showing both these phones as available. N79 - Rs.19767 N85 - Rs.23531
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    Samsung Innov8 launched at Rs. 46k !!

    Samsung Mobile on Wednesday launched its Samsung Innov8 in the Indian market at a staggering price of Rs 45,999 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source...
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    SE Xperia X1 is a HTC Product?

    Just read on a few sites that SE's much acclaimed Xperia X1 is actually a HTC OEM product with a SE branding. Is that true? Source:
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