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    Bad sector problem

    If you just want to "MARK" the Bad sectors so they wont be used the Thorough Scandisk (Windows 9x/ME) or chkdsk /r (Windows 2000/XP/2003). But if you are looking for physically removing the bad sectors then Low Level Format is the only option. You can download the low level format utilities...
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    Which audio player do you use?

    The Best Media player for video is Media Player Classic. Its free and plays all formats. And for Audio that undoubtfully Winamp
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    Best Media Player?

    The Best Media player is Media Player Classic. Its free and plays all formats.
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    Windows XP

    Windows XP's Retail and OEM versions requires to be activated and the only way you can activate is either by internet or calling their centers. Microsoft identifies every software using its Product ID number. For windows that present in the System Properties -> General Tab and for other MS...
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    Graphics Prob

    Can you give the Motherboard and Graphics Card (Onboard or External) specifications, so I can suggest you some drivers. In case if you dont know you can download the following free software and know the computer hardware details. Web-Site Download Link:
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    Lots of Pops & Clicks

    I think your computer might be infected with Spywares. 1) Scan your System using AD-AWARE SE (To remove spywares) 2) Download Microsoft Anti-Spyware beta (To prevent additional spywares from installing and remove spywares)
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    how to make a multti bootable cd

    I use Easy Boot v5.0.6 for the same
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    Virtual Drive- How to Make More Compatible?

    When you start the program it requires the CD to be present in Drive D becuse the Windows registry is refereced to Drive D. There are two ways you can get this working. 1) Uninstall the software and resintall it using the mounted image from the Virtual Drive. 2) Change the Virtual Drive's...
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    USB 2.0 drivers required...

    Nah Nah.... USB 2.0 Drivers are installed automatically when you install the Service Pack 2 for Windows XP.
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    Folder Lock

    Use Hide Folder XP 2. Its the best
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