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  1. niku_19jan

    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    i hav bluetooth dongle & net connection in ma pc. nw i want to acess net in also has bluetooth. i heard i can acess net on laptop..if pc n lap has bluetooth devices. is it possible, if yes thn plz guide me.
  2. niku_19jan

    my documents gone

    i was finding winsetup.dll using explorer n accidently moved my documents to favorites n now when i open my computer the mydocuments is gone plz help me in getting it back...
  3. niku_19jan

    getting disconnected

    i m getting connected thrgh broadband connection....but now from two weeks whenever i m trying to upload some stuffs to any site(eg:rapidshare) i get disconnected whether the file is small or big....i m frustated....also happens when i try to download something but if i surf for 2 or 3 hours...
  4. niku_19jan

    downloading problem

    hi all my friend is facing a prob so plz help him out. "i have a serous problem in computer. i cannot download anything from any site. my computer is one of the client computer in a lan. nowadays when i tried to download anything, it start downloading but after 2 mb it automatically cutoff. when...
  5. niku_19jan

    Firefox problem

    whenever i am opening any web-page in firefox, it is vibrating up and down and it is pretty difficult to see anything, this problem is appearing at random and disappearing only when i close all firefox windows. i re-installed firefox and even downloaded firefox 2 ( i had firefox 1.5.4 earlier)...
  6. niku_19jan

    linux cnfiguration, urgent!!!!!!

    hi guys my friend has no acess to net n he is facing some problem so plz help him out guys does anyone know how to configure the NIC and the internet in fedora or red hat plz tell me.It's urgent!!!!!!!
  7. niku_19jan

    language bar

    i hav installed ie7 n whnever i restart my system the language toolbar in taskbar appears yyyyyyyyyyy???? i hav to uncheck the option again n again can nybody tell me hw to swtich it off dnt tell me to uninstall ie 7 n install ie6....
  8. niku_19jan


    hi al while surfing net, suddenly a error occured saying svchost.exe has encountered some problem. a problem has been detected & windows has been shut down PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA SO HELP GUYS.....
  9. niku_19jan

    hw to create swf file.

    i want to knw which soft shld i use to make flash files. as many eye catching files r available on net & i also want to make one so plz guys help me....
  10. niku_19jan

    mobo needed

    hey i hav pentium iv 1.8 ghz n i hav mercury mobo 845glva. i want to change the mobo tat have pci express n onborad radieon graphics. it shld also hav suport of ddr2 ram, so can ny body help me????????
  11. niku_19jan

    facing problem

    "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." i m getting this error after 15 min frm logging in to net, after this I'm nt able to disable(disconnect) my net connection. i scanned with kaspersky but found nothing. so...
  12. niku_19jan

    Error in internet explorer

    Hi I have a problem with internet explorer whenever I open any webpage down below it shows an error "Done but with errors on page". Have tried the following - Reset websettings - Reset page defaults - Cleared cookies and history - Uninstalled / Reinstalled IE on the computer - Ran a file...
  13. niku_19jan

    problem with mp3 ringtone gold

    i hav pentium 4 2.66 simtronics motherboard 256 ram 80 gb i hav installed the crack, it was working fine but frm yesterday it is given the error so help me out.
  14. niku_19jan

    unable to format

    hi all i hav acer travelmate2300 Intel pentium M 715 processor (1.5 GHz, 400Mhz FSB, 2Mb L2 chache) 40 Gb Hdd, 256 Mb ram i hav 2 os on my lap. On c drive i hav windows 2000 & on d drive XP Service Pack 2. so i logged in xp n tried to format c drive using format command from windows explorer &...
  15. niku_19jan

    error a blue screen....

    hi every body i hav intel pentium IV 1.8 GHz n 376 mb ram, whn i start playing nfs most wanted i get the blue screen n this error msg "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". but after restarting the game starts,but next time the same error. so help me out.
  16. niku_19jan

    help needed in overclocking.......

    hi every body i hav Intel Pentium IV processor n Mercury KOB 845 GL NDMx mobo its 1.8 GHz. so i wanna overclock it, so guys plz tell me the steps to do it. as i new so plz explain it guys....... thnks
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