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  1. PcEnthu

    Unable to connect Airtel MO from PC

    I activated Airtel MO yesterday in my Samsung E450. The internet connection is working in the phone. But when I try to connect to internet from my PC through Bluetooth, the error "PPP Link control protocol was terminated" is displayed. I followed the instructions in the articles...
  2. PcEnthu

    MSI 'Wind' - EEE PC got a contender

    MSI has released their 'Wind' NBs to contend the ultra portable NB segment. It clearly resembles the EEE PC 9 incher, but its specs are more promising than the later like the HDD instead of SSD, a 6 cell battery, inbuilt bluetooth module and so. Techtree has some details regards its specs...
  3. PcEnthu

    Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable

    Ok guys. Here is the problem. There are two variables x and y which hold numbers. You have to swap the value of the two variables. U might say, just store the value of x in a temporary variable z, store value of y in x and finally store z value in y :D Here is the tricky part, u have to do it...
  4. PcEnthu

    12-Year old kid, Entering the linux world

    Read the story here BTW Thats a 1997 story. :D Do have a look at your first OS in a virtual machine to bring back those memories :D P.S: I traced that story out from the DistroWatch newsletter
  5. PcEnthu

    30 Coolest and Funny Tux Icons

    This blog post has some 30 Tux icons gathered from CrystalXp.netwhich will entertain u for some moment. I really liked the Mona lisa Tux :D P.S: Users with soft heart for V$sta, stay away from the Smart Tux :p
  6. PcEnthu

    Ubuntu 8.04 Beta "Hardy Heron" released

    Steve Langasek has announced the beta release of Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron": "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the beta release of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) on desktop and server. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop edition features incremental improvements to familiar applications, with an...
  7. PcEnthu

    Install SE USB Modem drivers

    I am having a SE K510i with Airtel connection. I am thinking about activating MO in it. I am on Zenwalk 5.0. Can u guys help me on installing the USB modem drivers. P.S: I don't have internet connection in my home :)
  8. PcEnthu

    Windows styled software management in PC-BSD

    Don't know if you guys know this or not. The PC-BSD 1.5 has a windows styled software manager. You can have your packages installed by: 1. Double click on the installer file (File with .pbi extension) 2. Answer a few questions by moving through some setup screens. Source: PC-BSD Review on...
  9. PcEnthu

    WD Intros "My Passport Essential" - Pocket sized USB powered External HDDs

    Western Digital (WD) have today introduced their "My Passport Essential" portable USB drives. These new drives are designed to complement WD's 'My Book' family of external drives. They introduce a sleek new form that WD claims feels good in your hand, as well as fits neatly into your pocket or...
  10. PcEnthu

    Booster Packs from BSNL - For Lifetime Pre-paids too

    State owned telecom giant has announced Booster packs to cut the call charges for Local calls as below: Own network: 0.50 Paise Other network: 0.60 Paise The lifetime pre-paid users will sigh a relief since the call charges on them are as high as 1.60 for a local call. More info...
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