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    DVD ROM Driver Not found

    In your Device manager check if you see the CD/DVD drive listed. Go to start > Run type devmgmt.msc and click on Ok. It will open device manager, click on + sign near CD/DVD drive and check if it shows it. Also let me know if you see a yellow or red mark near it.
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    Rapidshare Shares Uploader Info with Rights Holders

    I hate Rapidshare....and somebody here rightly said Crappyshare must die...
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    Access your oNline storage from Windows Explorer

    I am delighted to have access to this new little application? GLADINET is a free Windows application which enables you to achieve the much sought after features of integrating your online storage into your PC as one of the hard drive partition. Gladinet makes it possible by mounting a network...
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    Orkut+Indian Politics=You in Jail

    I hate Orkut and hv opted out of it. BTW everybody has the right to express his feeling. So whr is the need to arrest some one if he/she express his/her feeling
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    Dreamscene in Windows XP

    I always want to play with my Windows XP ( I am also using Vista Ultimate as dual boot) and like to exploit different features. When I started using Windows Vista Ultimate, I was spelbound to see the DreamScene feature of Vista Ultimate. Suddenly an idea came into my mind why not have this...
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    Gmail got a new look, group chat and color smilies

    @ CadCrazy Dude as I already told I logged in to this forum after many days of in activity and found the what wrong with people. So I am not digging my old thread rather wanted to cleaar doubt ppl are having here abt the new interface of gmail. And who the hell are you to warn me????Did you...
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    Gmail got a new look, group chat and color smilies

    @ Qwertymaniac You are right dude. Actually I logged on to this forum after many days of inactivity and found my thread and just added the comment. Many ppl still do not know about Gmail V2. It is accessible in IE 7 or Firefox only. Not in IE 6.
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    Have you heard of this amazing web 2.0 site UVouch?

    @ Rohan You made it wrong. This is not only a social networking site but a social bookmarking too. Apart from that the site is in the process of implementing revenue sharing scheme very soon. It offers you far more functionality then Orkut. Better to say that it is a combinatioin of Orkut...
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    Gmail got a new look, group chat and color smilies

    HA HA .....I feel pity for you guys......
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    Have you heard of this amazing web 2.0 site UVouch?

    Hi Guys, Out of my habbit of discovering fantastic things on the Internet, I have got hold of this new site called This site offers you the oppurtunity to create your own social networking site for free. You can create a Fan club about your band, workplace, your favorite...
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    Windows Vista turns one year old.

    Dudes...for consumers like us Vista was released on January 30, 2007. So you may need to wish Vista again.
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    Gmail got a new look, group chat and color smilies

    Gtalk was into gmail long back... Now you can have group chat and send color smilies, have better contact management.
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    Gmail got a new look, group chat and color smilies

    Google is making our life so easier, these were the words came out from me when I heard about the latest feature from Google. Do you know that Google is coming up with Gmail V2??? I guess they are doing beta testing of it and allowing users to have a sneak preview of the new gmail interface...
  14. A your free online Operating System

    How about accessing your own Operating System from any where you go? I never thought that technology can go so far until I saw this online Operating system called It is the short for Global Hosted Operating SysTem and also the Internet address to access the Operating system. It is a...
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    Reliance Wimax- A pain in the ass

    When I subscribed for the Reliance Wimax connection I was hoping for writing a fantabulous review about this service but my dream did not materialize. Continue reading this post to know why the title is TOO JUSTIFIED. Before proceeding further to discuss about how Reliance Wimax is cheating...
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    Do you want to check the quality of your Mobile phone

    I received this as an e-mail and thought like sharing this information with my readers. This thing is kinda interesting. Would you like to know if your mobile is original or not ????? Yes, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your mobile can reveal a lot of thing about...
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    Strange URL for Google and Microsoft

    hey guys Check out these two URLs ...Dun u think these sites are too familiar:
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    XML help ?

    Can some oner help ths person??
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    Windows Live presents : mail id

    Read this: Domain Owner's agreement is an organization that provides e-mail addresses powered by Windows Live Mail. Although you are a Windows Live customer,, as the domain owner, controls your e-mail address. may decide to discontinue your e-mail service at...
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    Microsoft Hotfix Request

    WHy have you posted this buddy???
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