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    min confi for nfs ug 2

    can anyone please tell me the minimum configuration for nfs underground 2 my computers configuration is p4 2.4ghz 512 ram direct x 9.0c intel 915 motherboard inbuilt graphics card
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    alarm software

    hey does anybody know about a software in which i could set a alarm and then wen the alarm time comes my playlist will start playing does anybody know where i will get it
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    can u have a tv tuner in a laptop

    hey i just wanna know if we could put tv tuner cards in laptops
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    cost of 845gv or a 865 motherboard

    someone please tell me the price of a 845 or a 865gv motherbard as soon as possible
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    wats d cost of intel 845 or 865 motherboard

    hey i just wanna know wats d cost of 845gv motherboard or a 865 i also wanna know wer will i get it d cheapest in mumbai
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    how 2 learn to asssemble computers

    hey, i have been interested in this field, but due to lack of time i was unable to learn how to assemble my own computer. i have quite a lot of info about the latest hardwares and the latest technologies. so if anyone could give me any link from where i could learn this i will be very thankful.
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