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    Java Queries Here..

    For netbeans you should try netbeans. org as well java2s. com for java based examples.
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    Does anyone know what is the recommended temperatures in Celius for the GPU and CPU i

    I have the XCM High Speed Core Cooler v2 and the twin fans that go inside. So now my GPU runs about 49'C and my CPU runs about 44'C. I don't if that is good or not. So can anyone please tell what the temperature should be. It would be very helpful. Thnx
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    C books

    Can you suggest me ebook for Java example code as well as tips to run it on any platform.
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    which is the best laptop to play games?

    Looking to buy a good laptop to play games. I guess it must have a good graphic card and a good processor. Bit confused with lots of Processor's available in market. Any Help. thanks
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    What is the defference between Struts and Hibernate

    Hey guys, I am new one for JAVA and i have to work with Jsp. What is the difference and what is the similarity between them i don't know. Can anybody suggest me solution.. Thanks in advance..
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    I want to buy Wii!

    What video game console is better for you ? The Wii ? Unsure PlayStation 3 ? XBOX 360 ? Better play with a PC ?
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