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    500GB StoreJet Mobile n USB port problem

    Hello Guys .. i have a external hard drive of transcend model : 500GB StoreJet Mobile Product P/N: TS500GSJ25M i accidentally broke some pin in USB port ... is there any way to fix it or can i replace the circuit board inside the HD panel through which HD is being attested ??? can...
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    By Demand [September 2009]

    KDE 4.3.0 for Ubuntu 9.04 plzzz
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    By Demand [September 2009]

    ubuntu 9.04 in KDE 4 plzzzzz All this software are for Mac OS X 1) 3.1.0 for Mac 2) itune latest one 3) 10.5.7 Combo Update (very important) 4) GIMP for Mac 5) ilife trial 6) Codec for Quicktime 7) Chrome for Mac (very important) plzzzzzzz...
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    By Demand [September 2009]

    Dear digit i have been reading digit seen 2005 but never ask anything from digit.... this is my 1st time asking for some software.... so plzzz give all d software in following list All this software are for Mac OS X All this software are for Mac OS X 1) 3.1.0 for Mac...
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    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    can any 1 help me my Hepl and support is not working it only open some few topic only all other topic is gone
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    Vista Look

    Hey friends i try some new style in vista if u like i will tell how i did
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