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    Trustworthy place to get iPhone repaired in west Delhi

    Hi all, I was just handed down two partly broken iphone 4 . One's screen is cracked but usable and the other one's speakers aren't working. I know there are plenty of mobile phone repair shops but I am hesitant on taking it to just about anyone. Can you please recommend a trustworthy repair...
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    Please suggest very cheap soundcard

    Hi all, I have an old S775 motherboard(Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L) whose onboard sound chip is not working. I would hence like to buy a soundcard which can get the job done at the same sound quality. Are there any decent ones available for about 500 bucks or less? New or used? Thanks!
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    Please suggest upgrade for 10k

    Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my aging core2duo based system to something faster for no more than 10k. Its primary use would be gaming and 1080p videos. My current config is the follows - Cpu - Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2ghz Mobo - Gigabyte p35 s3g - not working Gfx card - msi...
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    Please suggest a LGA775 motherboard

    Hi all, My Gigabyte P35-S3G has finally given up and I'm not able to get it repaired. As I dont have the money to upgrade to a current generation system, I would like to keep using the system below - CPU - Intel C2D E4500 2.2Ghz (Would like to Oc the chip to atleast 2.5Ghz) / RAM - Corsair...
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    When the bell rings, the monitor ripples! :S

    Hi all! I noticed a few days ago that whenever the bell of my house rings, a ripple comes across my monitor! It happens quite often. Any idea why that may be happening??
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    Any competent repair guys in Delhi?

    Hi all! My old and only Gigabyte P35-S3G motherboard has stopped working. It keeps restarting at the BIOS, after checking the hard disks. I gave it to my repair guy and he says that its a problem with the BIOS chip and that he cant find a new one to replace it. Hence according to him, I would...
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    A dialougue on Development & Environment, Gadgil - Bhaduri, Goa University

    Interesting talk which highlights what's happening in India when it comes to 'development'
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    How's LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor

    Hi all, I just found this monitor(LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Price in India - Buy LG 23MP47HQ IPS LED Monitor Online - and it seems to be a good buy for the specifications. Does anyone here have any experience with it or the company? I'll primarily be using it for reading...
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    Second Hand Washing Machine Buying Advice Please

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a second hand washing machine. I had a very old (about 10 years or more) front loading fully automatic IFB and have realised that a washing machine is essentially a money sink. So to save upfront costs I am thinking of buying a second hand one. However, I am...
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    A little way I found to fight off tax dodging by shops

    Always ask for a receipt. That's because many small shops then dont need to show that particular transaction on their books and can dodge taxes like VAT and pocket it themselves. Many of them will say that you would need to pay extra. So just tell them that you need to file it for company...
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    Why is svchost.exe taking so much RAM

    Hi all, After installing Bitdefender Total Security 2015, I have noticed that at startup my RAM fills up till 70% of 3.5gigs. I had a quick look in the task manager and saw that svchost was taking up 500mb and sometimes climbing up till 700mb! I have already run virus scans and malware scans(...
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    Where can I buy motherboard risers

    Hi all, I need to buy some motherboard risers. Where can I buy some online? I am not able to find them. - - - Updated - - - Never mind. Already got em in my case. Thanks!
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    Bit-defender Total Security 2015 Promotional 6 month free

    For anyone who needs it - WCCFtech Deals: 6 Months of Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Free
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    "Facebook’s Gateway Drug"

    Why isn't as great as its made out to be - And a supporting article - Digital Technologies And The Future Of Data Capitalism
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    The Air Quality Index Website

    Civil Lines, Delhi, Delhi Air Pollution: Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) Just put in your city on the top right, and if the US embassy has set up sensors there,it'll pop up. For those in Delhi, check out civil lines during traffic hours. Its almost always above the highest levels.
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    Ugghh! NCR ki Hawa

    So I recently checked the temperatures on my friends core i3 dual core laptop and they were at 85 degrees!! So we opened it up and this is what we found!! - Uggh! - Album on Imgur CHECK OUT THE LAST PHOTO! HOW THE HELL DID THAT EVEN GET INSIDE A LAPTOP CHASIS WHICH WAS INSIDE A HOUSE ALMOST...
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    Please recommend surge protector

    Hi all! I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer. Can you please recommend some as I...
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    What the duck just happened with my desktop??!!

    Hi all! Something very weird happened with my desktop yesterday evening! While watching a video on youtube, my desktop abruptly switched off. Thinking it was a PSU issue, I switched it off from its own switch as well the plug socket from the back and switched it back on. But the computer would...
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    Please suggest Thermal Paste for about Rs 500

    Hi all, I have an old gaming oriented machine that has a core2duo E4500. I often overclock it from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz but it seems that recently it has been heating up till till 70degrees C. I cleaned up the cooler(stock Intel) and found that my last application of thermal paste has dried out...
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    I think all my appliances are getting too hot :S Help!

    Hi all! I'm based in Delhi and for the past few months it seems that all the major electrical appliances in my house seem to be getting too hot. I just touched the side of my old samsung fridge and it was really hot. There were some areas where I couldn't even touch it for more than 5...
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