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  1. Reaper_vivek

    GTA IV graphics issues.

    The discussion thread of GTA IV is closed so created a new one.. I have this problem where I can only see the characters and nothing's like they are in space..There are no fps drops or stutter of any kind..Sometimes I can see windows and car doors..I tried lowering the settings...
  2. Reaper_vivek

    EA Origin 1st Anniversary Sale : 50% of on Major titles

    Couldn't find an existing thread, weird, anyways 50% off on most EA titles.. Origin - Welcome Mass Effect 3 @Rs 750 (Digital Deluxe Edition Rs 999) Dead Space 1 @250 Dead Space 2 @350 Mirror's Edge @200 Alice : Madness Returns @500 Crysis @150 Battlefield 3 @750 (B2K expansion @300)...
  3. Reaper_vivek

    Tomb Raider : new trailer

    J6TcAgJ9BBI The story looks promising..
  4. Reaper_vivek

    VGHS(Video Game High School) Web Series

    :-D:-DThe new web series from Freddie Wong(he has a series of awesome short movies on video games) Video Game High School Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 1 - YouTube It's Freaking awesome.. I can't seem to work with the youtube tag His youtube channel : freddiew - YouTube
  5. Reaper_vivek

    Dishonored Discussion Thread

    This looks epic..Another masterpiece from Bethesda? -fingers crossed- Dishonored - Debut Trailer - YouTube
  6. Reaper_vivek

    AD700 vs Roccat Kave - Which one to buy?

    I am planning to get a set of headphones overseas preferably from, the budget is around $100.. I love Gaming and Music equally..I play online competitive games(COD4, CS, BF3) as well as other titles.... In music, I listen to a wide range of genres, from Reggae, Blues, classic Rock...
  7. Reaper_vivek

    Need to buy a decent sound card!!

    I am planning to get a sound card..even though my mobo currently has some good output... I am a newbie when it comes to Audio hardware... I am confused b/w Creative Titanium/Xtreme Gamer cards and the ASUS Xonar ones... Some1 pls tell me more about these and which one should I get?
  8. Reaper_vivek

    GTX560 and Corsair VX550

    I bought MSI 560GTX 2 days ago...and I am currently using my 6 month old Corsair VX550 PSU.... I was gaming for 3 continuous hours yesterday and suddenly the display went blank...the PC was running fine with the system sounds being played on the background but no display...I figured the GPU...
  9. Reaper_vivek

    Good Gaming PC for 23k on a 17" Screen

    This is 1 urgent request...My friend is planning on building a gaming rig..and Only the main components like CPU, Mobo, RAM, Cabby, GFX and PSU are needed.... He will game on his 17" CRT (@1024 x 768 res).. The budget is restricted to 23k but can increase it slightly for a more VFM setup...
  10. Reaper_vivek

    Any1 here playing in ACL(Asian COD League)??

    SO is there anyone here who is participating in it? Those who don't know, it is an online(xfire) tournament in which we will be playing COD Modern Warfare..
  11. Reaper_vivek

    GAMING Setup for 80k(Read Desc)

    So, My friend is hell bent on purchasing a > 40" 3D HDTV(probably LG)...he needs a high powered rig for that...the pre-configured rigs weren't of much help so decided to ask here... 1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more...
  12. Reaper_vivek

    Need to know about games I haven't played yet.

    Guys I need to know about the most awesome games I haven't played yet... I have searched the net and they all have different results...So those of you who have played games apart from the one's mentioned below an liked it very much, please post it...Genres don't matter(except simulation) Games...
  13. Reaper_vivek

    GTA EFLC - Games for Windows Issue...

    I am having an issue while playing the game. I cannot login with a Windows live account. So, I cannot save the game and have to start again every time.. I had no issues earlier when I played the game using a Windows Live ID. But I had to reinstall Windows hence the game. Here's the prob: I...
  14. Reaper_vivek

    Automatic Shut down and No Power ON problems

    It's been just a month since I purchased the system and already I have had major issues.. The PC automatically Turns Off(No BSOD, no crash dump just poof) and then when i press the power button nothing happens.. This has started a few days back and is really getting on my nerves. The...
  15. Reaper_vivek

    MSI 5770 HAWK Overclocking Issue

    I have been running my 5770 at overclocked settings(Core - 975 MHz and Memory clock - 1280 Mhz) for the past month and haven't had an issue... But when i increase it any further the MSI kombuster crashes after few seconds and so does games... But i saw in Overclock3D that they were running the...
  16. Reaper_vivek

    Need to know about good source to buy Games Online...

    Some people may be surprised to see this..I want to play Assassins creed 2(DAMN the Ubisoft's DRM). I want to know about online stores where I can purchase PC games...Do i have to download the games by paying the fee or I get it shipped??? I have a Debit card(Maestro)...Do i need a credit...
  17. Reaper_vivek

    Not Amused!!

    First of all this has very little to do with gaming... Second..I'm pissed that my last thread was closed for god knows what reasons..' I had a genuine problem and TILL last evening admired the forums for helping...
  18. Reaper_vivek

    Assassin's Creed II problem?

    Guys i can't find a way to start Assassin's creed shows "failed to synchronize saved gaems" and when i click on the play TAB nothing happens...the task manager shows the game is working but i can't seem to see where... P.S. This is not a legal copy...:oops:
  19. Reaper_vivek

    Suggestions on good FPS titles

    Could you guys suggest me some interesting and good FPS for PC... I have played all of the COD series, Medal of honor apart from these i want to know which FPS are very good...
  20. Reaper_vivek

    vx550W and GA-P55A-UD3R problem..

    I've just bought some components for my PC and these include corsair vx550W PSU and Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R motherboard... the system doesn't boot..the keyboard lights up for a second and then NOTHING... I have noticed that the 8pin of the PSU is different from the 8pin of the motherboard..what...
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