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    Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013) now available for purchase on Play Store India

    Finally the "Coming soon" wait for the Nexus devices has come to an end! Both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013) are in stock and ready to be sold out :D The shipping for Nexus 5 begins in a couple of days time. For the 16GB version of Nexus 7 the shipping will begin only after 26th November. However...
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    Need a GPU under 14k

    My System specs : Phenom II X4 955BE 4GB DDR3 RAM Corsair VX450W Resolution : 1600x900 Budget under 14k I have been looking for a HD7850 preferably The cheapest I find on FK is the Gigabyte one. Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R7850OC-2GD 2 GB GDDR5 Any other recommendations? And any place...
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    The dark side of Apple Stores

    The other side of Apple Stores: employees speak up about corruption, destruction and sexual harassment
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    Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad

    Hey guys, Today all of a sudden Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad appeared in my Steam Library. I never purchased this game though but the game has the option to Install. So I have following queries : 1) Firstly does that mean the game if free and full version as well? 2) Has...
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    Mars One – the first plan for a human settlement on Mars

    Mars One – the first plan for a human settlement on Mars Home - Mars One So anyone interested? 8-)
  6. Terabyte now integrated with
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    LG announces world’s first FullHD smartphone display

    LG announces world’s first FullHD smartphone display - GSMArena Do you guys really think we need such displays on a "phone"? I am sure that the battery of this phone won't last even half a day :|
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    [SOLVED] Doubt about Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

    I have just purchased KIS 2012. I was wondering that if I install it now and say format my PC in few months time can I still use the same key to install KIS after formatting? Thanks!
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    Suggestions for laptop speakers

    Budget 1000 bucks. Just need something better than the existing inbuilt laptop speakers. Thanks! Edit : I am ready to up my budget upto 2k if they are worth it.
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    3D Google Maps Cube game ready to play!!

    The 3D Google Maps Cube Game Is Ready to Challenge Your Reflexes Check out the game here ->
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    HDD Crisis Was Fake: Seagate and Western Digital Post Big Profits

    Source -> HDD Crisis Was Fake: Seagate and Western Digital Post Big Profits
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    Laptop under 35k

    Budget : 35k Requirements : Basic needs - browsing, document editing, no gaming Is this a good deal -> Dell Vostro 1550 @ Rs. 35802 Any better deal than this for the budget? Thanks!
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers?

    I installed BFBC2 today (its original). I haven't played SP yet, just went for MP straight away. However I don't find any servers in the Server Browser tab :o Are here no servers left for BFBC2 now that BF3 is released? :cry:
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    Earphones/Headphone under 2k

    My usage is mainly Gaming. Budget is 2k. So suggest me earphone or headphone based on my usage. Thanks!
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    Symbian Belle announced by Nokia

    Symbian Belle and 3 New phones running on Belle announced by Nokia Symbian Belle Nokia 701 - the brightest screen in the world Nokia 700 - the smallest smartphone in the world Nokia 600 - loud and proud
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    Need Earphones/Headphones under 3k

    Hello guys, Budget : 3k My usage will be music(Mainly English Movie soundtracks) and little of games. At the moment I am confused whether I should go for earphones like Brainwavz M2 or headphone like Sennhieser HD 201. Please suggest other models that come in my budget. Thanks you.
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    HTC Desire will not be updated to Gingerbread

    Last year's HTC flagship, the HTC Desire won't get Android 2.3(Gingerbread) officially. HTC says Gingerbread won't be available for Desire due to less amount of memory, which is odd because Wildfire S is running on Gingerbread which has even lesser RAM compared to Desire. More on it here...
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    HTC Sensation reviewed by PhoneArena

    Phonearena reviewed the HTC first dualcore offering - HTC Sensation. They have rated it 9/10, same as Samsung Galaxy SII. Check out the review : HTC Sensation Review - PhoneArena
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    Need a wifi router

    I need a Wifi + ADSL router for using at home. My budget is 2-3k. Also should Wifi G router suffice or I should go for Wifi N model? Thanks!
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    Graphic card or Android mobile?

    My birthday is coming up this June and I have landed up in this weird confusion of which gift should I opt for. My budget is around 8-9k. So either I am going for a graphic card like GTX 460 or an Android cell (most likely LG Optimus One P500). Both cost around 9k and I am really confused what...
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