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  1. deathwish

    Music Dashboard To Come On Facebook

    Apparently, the social networking giant, Facebook is set to launch a music dashboard on the site, through which you can listen to music, recommend music to your friends, etc. Haha!! Awesome, innit?!
  2. deathwish

    Google In Trouble

    Oracle has apparently filed a lawsuit against Google for "the wilful fragmentation of the Java code" that could run upto a billion dollars in damages. Uh oh! :blink: Go through this link to read more.
  3. deathwish

    Wireless vs Wired Mouse

    I need a new mouse for my laptop as the previous one inexplicably stopped working one fine day. :x So I thought that this time around I would go for a wireless mouse as it provides more flexibility. However, I would like to know whether it is a wise choice or are there issues with wireless...
  4. deathwish

    Rebecca Black's Friday Available For Rent. Anyone interested?!

    Teenage pop sensation Rebecca Black has reached new levels for popularity with her song Friday, when it was made available for rent on YouTube for a mere $2.99. With 165 million views (and counting) on YouTube the fame she has brought upon herself is undeniable. [Source] If you are curious...
  5. deathwish

    Laptop Does Not Boot

    Hi. I have a HP laptop. It was running very slowly for the last couple of days so i decided to defragment my drive. Using tune-up utilities i defragmented the drive. i also removed many programs from the startup manager. Now my laptop boots but after i enter my password it does not load. Can...
  6. deathwish

    some cds do not read. what to do??

    some cds do not read on my lg dvd drive, even new cds which i take out of the box. i have no idea whats wrong, some read while others dont! somebody help.........
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