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  1. romeo_8693

    Samsung star 3G-S5603

    Hi all, Any news about when this phone will be available in market.As of now only Star s5233 is available even when both were released at the same time.
  2. romeo_8693

    Indian Vehicle Licensce Regime...

    Hey guys does any one know why we cant ride/drive a vehicle registered in one state in another without getting fined?? Shouldnt we be able to ride/drive anywhere in country freely?
  3. romeo_8693

    digit forum url bug...

    Hey mods/admins this is just to bring to ur notice that if one types WWW.THINKDIGIT.COM/FORUM(i.e. in caps) its says 404 site not found.
  4. romeo_8693

    creative SBS560 5.1 sound issue!

    I recently bought the above mentioned speakers but when i connect it to my on board sound ports the rear ones give very low sound but if i swap the rear with the front ones they work normal so i guess my rear sound port is at i right?? Secondly if im right then should i go for a 5.1...
  5. romeo_8693

    5.1 speakers

    hi, im in a process of buying a 5.1 speaker sys in sub 5k range.please suggest some good systms... Thanks in advance.
  6. romeo_8693

    pipeline in c++

    guys anyone knows how to pipeline programs in c++?in other words call another prog fron one(exe only)
  7. romeo_8693

    DVD or DV

    Hi guys, just wanted to know whic format is better in terms of resolution DVD or MiniDV?this is in regarding to cam corders. Thnax in advance.
  8. romeo_8693

    cant detect HD in DSL

    i hav a pc wer wen i boot thru DSL it doesnt detect works well in xp tho.i tried fdisk -l but its not listed.can it be bcos its SATA?wat is the prob and the soln....?
  9. romeo_8693

    core 2 duo procs

    guys i wanted to know if i overclock c2d T5200(1600mhz) to 2ghz wat will be the difference between it and c2d T7200?
  10. romeo_8693

    good visual c and c++ books

    guys pls suggest some good and easy to undersatnd books for graphic programming in c and c++....
  11. romeo_8693

    screen saver tab not showing

    screen saver tab is not showing in display prop..pls help..
  12. romeo_8693

    google earth help!

    i want to know how can i open google earth cache file witout net connection in google earth? secondly how to post locations wic later can be seen on GE as community links in
  13. romeo_8693

    [b]ink jet vs. laser....[/b]

    wich black n white printers above have the least cost per page?
  14. romeo_8693

    AMD Turion vs. Core2 duo

    which one is better core2 duo 1.5-1.8ghz or turion 1.8-2ghz?
  15. romeo_8693

    NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7150M

    the following two laptops have NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7150M gfx memory HP Pavilion dv9500 HP Pavilion dv6500 is it on board or modular???and wat abt its capacity???tried nvidia site but cudnt get any info....
  16. romeo_8693

    Cheapest prices in pune....

    guys im new to pune so wud like to knw wer and wic are the places in pune wer u get good computer peripherals for a good price(cheap)....
  17. romeo_8693


    is its screen scrach proof?
  18. romeo_8693

    Comp doesnt shutdown!!!

    hi posting after a long time..... my comp has dedveloped a problem after a power surge..wen in windows i say shutdown it logs off then it doesnt stop..wat can b the problem?
  19. romeo_8693

    watever happend to? ne knows wat happened to it?
  20. romeo_8693

    xvid support?

    isnt xvid an opensource project?then y dont linux distro's come bundled with its support like ogg and vorbis?
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