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  1. stonecaper

    Strange IP Behaviour

    I live in Kolkata and use a Wishnet Unlimited Plan from my LCO - for the past few days whenever I try to access a few sites, I have to pass the cloudflare security check " One more step Please complete the security check to access" The page also says - "If...
  2. stonecaper

    Need Suggestions for a 1T/3* AC in Kolkata

    Hi all Need suggestions for a split ac for My 110 sft room on top floor.consumption will be approx 40 hours/Month and 6 Months/Year Following units are available for My pincode -...
  3. stonecaper

    Pc freezes when USB Device inserted + possible psu problem

    Okay, so here's what happened - 320 gb external hdd stopped functioning 2.after that any usb device plugging in would cause my pc to freeze 3. Googled and as a possible fix Used USBDeview to delete all known usb mass storage drivers 4.the problem remained 5.after that a...
  4. stonecaper

    Budget Camera for Good Bokeh

    What's your budget? 18-20k (Cant Extend) Camera type? DSLR or MILC Body Style Doesnt Matter How much zoom do you want/expect? the Usual amount. not Looking for a superzoom Do you care for manual exposure controls? Kinda What's the purpose? Hobby/Home use...Taking photoes while...
  5. stonecaper

    How is Wishnet?

    So finally I have made up my mind to get rid of bsnl and get Wishnet.Willing to get the Bronze Super Night Plan.Here are some queries that I have - 1. How is their service in general? 2.Does the peering work?what is the site whose torrents they peer? 3.Does the 1 mbps from 1-9am thing work...
  6. stonecaper

    Best ISP with UL Plan in North Kolkata

    I am Looking for The Best ISP with good UL Plans as Now i have decided to Dump My long term But troublesome GF BSNL :) I Live In The Kestopur area. The following are My requirements - 1.Minimum Loss of Connectivity , every Small Storm Should Not Cause a No Connection 2.Less installation...
  7. stonecaper

    Suggest a phone for dad - X2-02/asha 202/Metro Duos C3322

    1. Budget? 4k 2. Display type and size? any 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Nokia/Sammy 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). any 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash, autofocus, front facing...
  8. stonecaper

    Corsair CX430v2 430w Vs FSP Saga II 500w Vs Seasonic S12II 430w

    Confused Between the Above PSus.Please help me to choose One. 1. I Like corsair Because its Corsair and has the best RMA service 2.I Like Seasonic because its supposed to be **THE BEST** and has a 5 year warranty 3.I like FSP because its 500w (More the merrier,aint it?),cheapest of the...
  9. stonecaper

    Suggest a 3g modem and Some Steal deals from ebay using the 250 off coupon FAST

    Want to purchase a 3g Modem and some other items (Dont Have any Idea,just have coupons :)) Suggest the best deals please and plz Make it fast...Coupon is Valid Only till tomorrow TIA
  10. stonecaper

    New Laptop Within 22k

    What's your Budget? 22K (Can Extend a wee Bit More) What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? web surfing,office apps,Playing Full HD 1080p Videos What size and weight considerations do you have? More Inclined Towards Portability Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that...
  11. stonecaper

    CPU Fan NOT WOrking

    Yesterday night suddenly my pc went off.astonished,i turned it again and again my pc went off after a few minuites.I Shut it down and then today morning again i turned it on and again it went off abruptly after an hour.after turning it on forthe third time i noticed that the cpu temp is 113...
  12. stonecaper

    El cheapo keyboard

    Need a keyboard coz My 5 Year old Microsoft 600 just conked off Budget is .5k.Would be Buying Online From Either LB or FC Please recommend Guys TIA
  13. stonecaper

    Suggest a UPS & a CPU Cooler

    Requirements - For UPS - Just Should be able to handle the power surges.actually my room is connected to our inverter but in times of heavy load it fails to switch to battery my PC stops abruptly,No Signals On LCD,CPU Runs But without any activity. I Know How Dangerous it...
  14. stonecaper

    Logical Partitions Gone

    Today Morning My WD 1TB Drive's Logical Partitions are Not Showing.It Shows as unallocated Space in Windows Disk Management. Have I Lost all the Data? Please Help
  15. stonecaper

    BrainWavz Alpha: Just a Kid out of Puberty

    Introduction: Brain Wavz Alpha (will be referred to as BWA from now on)Is Brainwavz's Ultra-budget iem strictly for The "Bought a new iPod but the bundled earphone is sh1t and i need a cheap new one" Kind of people.I was Bored with my m9 So i decided to try a new one.Boy,It certainly got me...
  16. stonecaper

    Best phone For 3.5k?

    Will Be bought From Letsbuy Thnx For Looking
  17. stonecaper

    Cheapest Way to get Starbucks Coffee & Nestle Coffee Mate?

    Sorry To Create a thread For this But I Tried a Lot and all quotes seem to be Super Expensive.Please advise if you Have brought these before For a better price TIA
  18. stonecaper

    Motorola Flipout

    Saw Motorola Flipout at Letsbuy today - Buy Motorola Flipout at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews Using RCOMLB1 Coupon it Comes Down to Rs.7,499 My Questions Are - 1.Is it a good phone for that price? Is It the Best? I compared it to another Similar...
  19. stonecaper

    [Please Suggest]What more To Do?

    Hi all I Am a English honors Graduate.I Then Passed my A Level and Lately have finished My SCJP Too. Please Comment on What Should i do next To get a Decent IT Job ASAP I am 25 years old I Read Somewhere In the threads that CTS Takes B level Students Does it consider A levels too...
  20. stonecaper

    M/B For Prescott

    Hi all, Just Wanted to know What Could be The Best M/B For My 4 Year Old Prescott Has to be the Cheapest and the Best Have A Stick Of Zion 512 MB DDR 200 MHz RAM too Wanted to Sell it off...But It being My first PC,Just Couldn't...M very Much Attached With It Emotionally
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