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  1. shaunak

    Want to buy a bluetooth headset with dual mics

    Hey, I have to make a lot of calls on the go in noisy environments, and I was considering investing in a bluetooth headset with dual microphones from noise cancellation. I found this pair from Samsung: Samsung EO-BG920BFEGIN Level U Bluetooth Headset (Gold): Electronics - but I am...
  2. shaunak

    Are all laptops sold in India basically outdated? A Rant plus question.

    I set out to buy a laptop with some very simple requirements: * FHD screen * A 2GB nvidia processor (I do cuda work) * Support for Wifi AC (5ghz) My budget is around 60k. This, I would think is a very modest requirement from a laptop in 2015. Additionally I would love it if the build quality...
  3. shaunak

    SMPS recomendations - Home PC

    Hi, I just upgraded my PC to the following: i3 4xxx+ Intel H87 motherboard, 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM drive, 1 Optical drive, 4GB DDR3 Ram This PC will be used largely for programing, office work and watching movies. (Maybe kept on for days together ) The SMPS calculator pegged the PC at ~230W load...
  4. shaunak

    External / Portable Hard Disk - 500G to 1 TB

    Hi, I am in the market for some external storage that I can lug around. My primary requirements are to store some processing data [20-30 GB each set = total may be 300GB-ish (Prediction)] and papers / articles / text books [5 GB ish] and some songs/multimedia [ 5 GB-ish ] . So I figure I need...
  5. shaunak

    xperia u grey market mumbai

    Hey, I found the Xperia U selling for around 11k Sony Ericsson Xperia U | eBay Its a very attractive offer and I am seriously considering the black market now. Is this seller on ebay reliable? And does anyone know where can I find grey market phones in Mumbai? Any other suggestions in the...
  6. shaunak

    [Query] False advertising by flipkart?

    On flipkart's listing of the Karbonn A9+ the sensors are mentioned as: "Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Compass, 3D G-Sensor" Where as the phone only comes equipped with a Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and a Light Sensor. The compass is missing, which can affect...
  7. shaunak

    A survey of the reliability of local brands

    Hey, The premise is simple. Brands like Samsung and HTC charge a lot more for similarly spec'ed phones than local brands like Karbonn and Micromax. My question is very simple: are they using their brand value to overcharge or do local brands have genuine reliability problems. Before you answer...
  8. shaunak

    [Views] Dell's support to its phone customers poor

    Hey, My Dell XCD-35's screen went bad in my 10th month of ownership [Lucky it did not decide to wait till the warranty ran out before conking off] I was quoted 60 working days to fix the fault since the model is now discontinued. I was not issued a stand-in either. Its been 45 days now and...
  9. shaunak

    A weird situation

    Hey, My Dell XCD-35's screen conked off last month under warranty and Dell said they will take 60 days to fix it. Its nearing 60 days now and the service center staff still aren't very positive. "End of November, sir. Definitely" is what they say, with no conviction in the "definitely". The...
  10. shaunak

    30K laptop / HP experiences?

    30-32K Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen India Dislike: ACER, ASUS (people have told me of poor quality) Report typing, scientific software, simulation, presentation, Very large image editing (6K+pixels). Occasional movie editing and watching 720p movies. Both. Portability is not such an...
  11. shaunak

    What are my options for IPS monitors

    I am at my PC for long periods, and am planning to buy an IPS monitor, to give some relief to my eyes. What are my options in the 19" to 22" range? Is the Dell UltraSharp series available in india? How much does it start from?
  12. shaunak

    A few question about IPS monitors

    I spend a lot of time on my computer and my eyes frequently go dry after a while. A friend told me that IPS monitors need less bright back-lights, hence are a lot easier on the eyes. Plus they have better color reproduction. I am currently using a Samsung 19" TFT [Syncmaster 931]. I am...
  13. shaunak

    Save the commonwealth tiger

  14. shaunak

    Where do you get second hand phones in Mumbai

    I bought the G502 recently enough but having been in recent contact with the Nokia E series, have fallen in love with it. Buying a new phone so soon is very wasteful so I am looking to pick up an used E63 or E71. Any idea where I can pick up second hand phones in Mumbai. [Andheri/Parle area...
  15. shaunak

    Age of Empires 3 refuses to run after update

    I just bought a copy of AOE III. It installed fine and was running well, bus as soon as I upgraded to v1.3, it refuses to start up anymore and gives me a "Insert Disk 1" message. I followed all the instructions on this page: but no luck. The copy...
  16. shaunak

    Trading Old digit collection

    Sadly due the lack of availability of space, I am being forced to cart out my entire collection of Digit. Cd's, Fast-tracks et al. So instead of letting the raddiwala turn it into recycled newsprint, I hope to trade in my little collection. Anybody want any issue? The whole collection? I am...
  17. shaunak

    Sporadic connection on MTNL - aka disconnection blues

    Hi, I have recently taken a MTNL connection. The connection keeps breaking often making it unusable. At the best of times (night, early morning) I get these stats: Downstream Upstream SNR Margin : 12.5 16.5 db Line Attenuation : 41.0 28.8 db Data Rate : 2048...
  18. shaunak

    Sporadic "Cable disconnected" issues - MTNL wireless router

    I am facing a very odd issue with MTNL's wireless router. [Huawei echolife HG520] On startup, I get a "Network Cable Disconnected" error and the "Lan1" LED stays shut. But if I disable and enable it a bunch of times ('bout 3~4 times) from the Network Control Panel, it manages to connect and...
  19. shaunak

    Canon Pixma iP700 printer for sale - Mumbai

    I am selling my ink-jet printer to make space for a new laser. The printer is working fine. The cartridges are have been refilled once. (color is empty) Its out of manufacturer warranty, but I will give you a five day testing warranty. Its quite heavy and shipping may not be feasible...
  20. shaunak

    Want some feedback on MTNL/Airtel services in Mumbai

    I am looking to change ISPs, and I am considering MTNL or Airtel. I would appriciate some feedback on their Mumbai (Andheri) operations. 1. Do you get speeds anywhere near the promised mark? 2. Does the speed drop significantly (to the point of near in-usability) during hours of heavy...
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