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  1. sam_738844

    Where to Fix "Gaming" Headphones in Kolkata?

    Hi, Its been awhile I've not been around, and I honestly don't know who's who anymore. I'd appreciate it if anyone can inform me about a place to fix a "gaming" headphone in Kolkata. Its a 2012 Razer Megalodon model USB ( now obsolete ), suffering from a connectivity loss in wires in the...
  2. sam_738844

    What 20 Years Mean to Technology Journalism, MUST READ

    I believe at some point of time, everyone needs to read this. I mention this read specially to ThinkDigit group, all its former and current members, admins, mods, people who have put efforts and time in their lives to congregate a group of curious minds into a tech forum that has lived through...
  3. sam_738844

    Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS

    Blizzard just threw a glimmer of hope to those fans still rooting for a new Warcraft RTS. Speaking with IGN at Gamescom 2015 last week, Producer Tim Morten (who is currently working on Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void) said Read more: Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS Once Starcraft II...
  4. sam_738844

    [HBM] Fury Unleashed : Titan Killer? Not really.

    Reviews are out for the most awaited GPU launch (ever?) AMD's back, and unleashed Fury with its latest HBM based Fiji-XT Enthusiast Grade R9-Fury X Card, is it worth all the hype that it followed? find out with all reviews rounded up. Articles: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4GB Review - Tom's Hardware...
  5. sam_738844

    [Q] How honorable is Honor Bee

    Hi guys, To put it simply, Huawei Honor Bee has turned a lot of heads recently with their latest release of sub 5K android mobile Honor Bee. Its a very entry level smartphone with descent Cam, Fast enough performance with 1GB RAM and a 1.2 Ghz Processor, comes with 8GB ROM and a 4.5 inch...
  6. sam_738844

    IEM with Heavy Bass within 5K

    Guys, You already know this, done before. Just help me out once again, Need a durable IEM with heavy bass (not compromising clarity) within 5000 Rs. Thanks in advance :)
  7. sam_738844

    Star Wars : Battlefront it is.. :D :D Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Released:
  8. sam_738844

    Windows 10 Technical Preview : Build 10049 :Mail/Cal/People Error

    So, I could not wait long enough and played the windows 10 card on my main PC. It was definitely a risky call but worth it. Build 10041 was installed from the ISO in windows site. Later it was updated to 10049 with project Spartan, and it took 9 eternal hours to complete the update, which...
  9. sam_738844

    Sony has just announced their latest PlayStation Flow.

    PlayStation Flow combines PS4 gaming with real-life swimming. When you get to an underwater section of a game like The Last of Us Remastered you can hit pause, head to your nearest pool, dive in and resume playing through PlayStation Flow. With underwater environments in games becoming more and...
  10. sam_738844

    3DFX Voodoo Reloaded

    Nvidia impressed the gaming community with the sheer processing horsepower of the full-fat GeForce GTX Titan X released a month ago. Benchmarking about 40 per cent faster than the already-decent GTX 980 and therefore a much better fit for gaming at 4K with all the bells and whistles on, Titan...
  11. sam_738844

    Nvidia Acquired Valve, Announces Half-life3 on 2016

    NVIDIA has announced that it has acquired Valve for an undisclosed sum of money, securing the rights behind the digital distribution platform Steam, as well as original IP like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Left 4 Dead. Read more at NVIDIA acquires Valve, announces Half-Life 3...
  12. sam_738844

    GTX 990Ti and AMD 395X2 Revealed. Benchmarks and reviews.

    We’ve anticipated this launch for many months now and they’re finally here. The fastest graphics cards to ever come out of Silicon Valley. Both featuring two massive GPU cores and elaborate cooling solutions to ensure that everything is operating under the appropriate thermal limits once you...
  13. sam_738844

    Need MP3/4 Flac Player within 5K

    Yo Audioheads Need an mp3 player which is sleek and tiny in size, better if wearable/clipable with capacity to store around 500 Songs at a go within 5K. Pretty much worn-out with my heavy-a$$ big-a$$ phone to listen with, carrying it in overly-crowded bus, plugging in-out, changing tracks...
  14. sam_738844

    Samsung trying to acquire AMD?!

    A fresh report from South Korea has just surfaced with claims that Samsung will allegedly attempt an AMD buyout to compete with Intel. The report claims that the Korean giant will attempt to acquire AMD and merge it with one of its subsidiaries. Read more: Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD To...
  15. sam_738844

    Unreal Engine 4 Crowned as the Topper

    Read more at Unreal Engine 4 is the Best Video Game Engine According to Developers - Unity 5, CryEngine and More Follow
  16. sam_738844

    [Query] WD My Passport Crash with Data loss

    Hello guys, Just want to know if this unit can be replaced or not, is still under warranty. its a WD My Passport 1 TB, crashed, unrecoverable, data loss of 857GB. Lucky I have backup of 500GB. What would be the procedure to get it replaced?
  17. sam_738844

    TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally

    TSMC has finally begun 20nm volume production. Maxwell big boys are coming, along with volcanic islands :D:twisted: TSMC Begins 20nm Volume Production Finally - Next Gen GPUs At This Node Are Now A Possibility
  18. sam_738844

    GameWorks Controversy: Unearthed, Answered.

    Last week, Forbes published an explosive story claiming that Nvidia had used GameWorks to cripple AMD’s performance in the new Ubisoft game Watch Dogs. This kicked off a series of events, including our own inability to duplicate similar results and a lengthy conversation with the senior vice...
  19. sam_738844

    Homefront Returns : With Revolution

    Crytek's Homefront: The Revolution launching next year with full day/night cycle, dynamic weather system, and online co-op mode. Homefront Returns in 2015 as an Open-World FPS on Xbox One, PS4, and PC - GameSpot
  20. sam_738844

    Mortal Kombat X

    Get over here.... Mortal Kombat X Confirmed with Trailer This video was also posted from wiz Khalifa com in facebook... :D
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