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  1. 101gamzer

    LG Optimus G2 photos and video footage leaked!

    The LG Optimus G2 made yet another pre-announcement appearance. This time around however, the upcoming Android powerhouse emerged in a number of clear photos and video footage - not the blurry images from times past. The leaked photos showcase the upcoming smartphone in its full glory. We...
  2. 101gamzer

    Nexus 5!!LGs New Beast Rumoured ??

    Is this LG’s Nexus 5 a 5.2-inch behemoth powered by Snapdragon 800? :shock: Google's Nexus 4 smartphone isn't exactly outdated, but Samsung's Galaxy S4 is making sure that with their octa-core processor everyone's left behind in the dust. So what to make of this latest rumor from AndroidandMe...
  3. 101gamzer

    Sony is making its own phablet?

    Digi-wo has posted an image of what appears to be the front of a Sony device. More precisely, it just might be the working model of Sony’s own phablet, a 6.44-inch beast with 1080p resolution. Details on this device is scarce, but Sony might have something planned for the Mobile World...
  4. 101gamzer

    1 TB USB to be released by KINGSTON !! Now its 512 GB version available.

    WELL HERE IS WHAT YOUR WAITING FOR ...:shock: Hats of to Kingston :bananana: Want to back up your entire computer and more on a single flash drive? You'll be able to do that courtesy of the latest gadget from Kingston. The DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 USB flash drive is currently...
  5. 101gamzer

    8.79GHz FX-8350 Is The Fastest Ever CPU

    Well Another World record! :clap2: let it be suspense :wink: 8.79GHz FX-8350 Is The Fastest Ever CPU - Republic of Gamers ROG starts 2013 with a new world record for the fastest ever x86-based CPU frequency at 8.79GHz. Master overclocker Andre Yang took an AMD FX-8350 CPU and ROG Crosshair...
  6. 101gamzer

    Huawei unveils 6.1 inch monster Android phone

    Now Note II is just a kid in front of this...:-? Can it still be called a phone or is it a tablet with a calling function? You decide.:| I bet after this you will think what about an ipad phone :-D When the Galaxy Note was first announced, it was blasted for being too big for a phone and...
  7. 101gamzer

    ‘Don’t get Scroogled’, Microsoft’s anti–Google message to all of us this holiday season

    Visit THE ONE AND ONLY SCROOGLED SITE Have you been Scroogled? Try Bing—we don't limit your shopping choices. :P
  8. 101gamzer

    How to RiP/Backup Your PSP UMD Games

    Hi all this is my first tutorial I think all of you will find this useful Many of us are having our PSP lying around in our desks with many UMDs lying around the house it is really pain in the a** to take all of them with you so it is very essential to take the UMDs back up so you don't need to...
  9. 101gamzer

    New Samsung Galaxy S III ‘mini’ coming soon

    AT LAST...Breaking NEWS NEW SAMSUNG S3:hyper: is Coming but in a new factor the mini factor 'but S3 has already killed the all iPhones including the new one, now Samsung goes for the Double Kill':-D Samsung today confirmed that they will be revealing a 4-inch version of their flagship Samsung...
  10. 101gamzer

  11. 101gamzer

    ATI Radeon HD 8800 series leaked

    Well here is the leak of ATI Radeon 8800 Series :hyper: which well their next.. GEN CARD(s) Apparently VideoCardz received some insider information on the AMD Radeon HD 8800 series. Codenamed “Oland” the new HD 8800 series will be using the same process as the current GCN based “Pitcairn”...
  12. 101gamzer

    Intel shows Haswell at IDF 2012

  13. 101gamzer

    iphone 5 photos leak, confirm previous design?

    I just saw this leaked photos last week i did not get time to post it here,some of you might have already saw this earlier i am posting this for all who all did not saw the new anticipated iphone 5 which will be coming this September No one can guarantee what is the final model of the...
  14. 101gamzer

    Microsoft disables Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

    Microsoft has recently announced-an automated fix which disables Windows Sidebar and Gadgets:-x on all supported versions of Windows Vista and 7. Basically running Windows Sidebar or Gadgets can allow hackers to exploit recently discovered vulnerabilities, allowing them to run malicious code in...
  15. 101gamzer

    GTX 680 4-Way SLI Smashed World Record!!

    The New New 3DMark11 Record Goes to.......... :clap2:Indonesian PC gamer tops the chart with his 4-way SLI GTX680 setup.:hyper: Hazzan, an Indonesian PC enthusiast, has broken the record of the world’s most overclocked graphics card setup. Using 3DMark 11 as the benchmark, Hazzan’s 4-way SLI...
  16. 101gamzer

    New 3DMark announced for Windows 8

    Futuremark has announced the new 3DMark for the upcoming Windows 8. 3DMark has been one of the most popular gaming benchmarks for graphics card and overall system prowess for over a decade, and is also used by us for testing most of our PC components as well as laptops. The next update in...
  17. 101gamzer

    Make your Own Custom Gaming laptop

    When I just surfing I found this interesting article about this: Source:
  18. 101gamzer

    Intel Ivy Bridge and Motherboard line Up GUIDE

    I have created these thread to dedicate to Intel's new Processor line These thread will be dedicated to Ivy Bridge CPUs and their Motherboard I have been Hearing these now every where Ivy bridge so whats Ivy bridge up is a new Line of Intel's Processors(3rd Generation Intel®...
  19. 101gamzer

    Sniper Elite V2

    Hi guys one of the most eagerly waiting game awaited sequel to the highly-acclaimed it is a remake of Rebellion's 2005 game Sniper Elite. One of the best feature of the game is X-ray kill cam feature Sniper Elite V2 Developer Rebellion Developments Publisher Rebellion Developments 505 Games...
  20. 101gamzer

    Entry level gaming rig 30-33k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:Mainly gaming ,office,net surfing games i will be playing will...
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