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    New tech review and entertainment channel

    Hey fellow digitians (hope that is correct :P), i have started a new tech channel on youtube known as TechieDrama 8-) TechieDrama - YouTube I have started this in order to cover technology......ummmm........ a bit differently This video is my first attempt at this and hope you all enjoy...
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    3 Day Old Motorola Defy+ and Moto EX212

    3 Day Old Motorola Defy+(with scratchguard) and Moto EX212 For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: 1)Motorola defy+(with scratch guard on worth rs 250 and kaspersky mobile security 9 key worth Rs 511 odd---just opened but unused) Motorola DEFY+ - Water Resistant - Dustproof -...
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    Need a New Android Below 20k

    hey fellow TDF android users, I need to buy a good android phone under 20k. i m confused between the S.E. Xperia arc,Samsung Galaxy R,Moto defy+ ,LG optimus 2X and the S.E. Xperia neo V. now my requirement is based on the following 1>how big is it when u hold it in your hand???(should not be as...
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    Need a New UPS

    need suggestions on buying a ups for powering my system for 5-10 mins before i shutdown at the time of powercut.budget is anywhere < 5k. no compromise on quality whatsoever.but i m skeptical on spending 5k urgent help needed.wanna buy asap
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    Need a Tv : Budget 100k

    my dad finally gave in to buy a new budget is as guyz any suggestions?no plasma as my parents hate any 4 digit nos. in our electricity bill .also which 3d/non 3d LED tv is best in that range? hey also is it possible guyz for me to run my KB and mouse thru the usb ports on...
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    buying the nhd14.will it fit?

    hey guyz, going to purchase the noctua nhd14 tomorrow.below is a pic from my build.will the cooler fit?
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    Need Urgent Help.system Not Starting

    hey guyz,just got a major problem up my sleeve. i have purchased the following config i7 2600k msi p67A GD65-b3 gskill ripjaws X 8GB corsair hx850(new RMAed) 2x 1TB hdd gtx 580 lightning. now this is the problem. All leds on the board lightup.the cpu fan and other fans spin.then i...
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    need urgent help with my new p67 platform

    my new p67 platform is doing some crazy stuff yesterday night when i installed my components and put the power on,it entered the bios,showed me starting win 7 ,a bsod and shut down i did try to boot on my old os so maybe the bsod was due to that.but the next time i tried to power on the...
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    benq g2420HD advice.

    is the above monitor good for gaming?i need to buy a 22-24" monitor and my budget is requirements are that the monitor should be LED,have good colour reproduction and have HDMI/dvi support. plz help..........
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    my ultimate 95k pc

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: gaming>video editing and will be joining animation course 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar...
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    is buying from smc international safe?

    hi friends,my doubt is as the title suggests.i got a quote of 29k for the msi gtx 580 lightning on back to back order.they say that i have to deposit the money in their account first and then they will ship the product in a week.are they reliable dealers?what should i do?
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    560ti in sli(1gb+2gb)

    hey guyz, this question is really bothering me that will i be able to use the 2gb of vram if i run 2 560ti cards 1 as 1gb and the other as 2gb?i was going to buy a 580.because the 560ti sli being better,lacks in vram.i like all my setting to be maxed out in crysis and would like to do so in the...
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