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    Music & Movie Box: Please review the rig

    Hi, First of all I do not game. I want to build this rig for music and movies (not really a HTPC). Also it will be used for some programming staff including highly resource hungry portal server. The budget is <50k and I have prepared the following list: Processor: Athlon II 550...
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    Want a new laptop within Rs 50000

    Please suggest me which brand will be best. I would like to buy a new laptop within Rs 50000. I would like to have 80 gb hdd & 1 gb ram; No additional add-on required like free printer, face recognition etc .
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    Monitor Problem

    Hi all, I have suddenly changed the position of my computer table and after I switched my computer on, I found the monitor becoming skyish in color. After some time the skyish background went and everything became OK. The same thing happened 2-3 days and after that the monitor color permanently...
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    Best Mobo for Athlon 3000+

    Please suggest me from the following the best motherboard for Athlon 3000+.... Gigabyte GA-K8N51PVMT-9 nForce 430 Asus A8N-VM CSM GeForce 6150 MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum NF4 Ultra 200 Asus A8N-E K8N Neo4-FI (PCB 1.0) for graphics, sound and price (I dont want SLI).
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