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    Replacing 2 Year Old HP Laptop

    Hello, Let me answer to the questions straightaway - 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Max 55K. I am expecting somewhere around 25K or so for my 2 year old 15" HP DV6 1106AX ( 250GB/3GB RAM, ATI Gfx 512MB Card ) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer...
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    Website Modification !

    Hey Guys.. I am coming back to these forums after a very looong time... I have a kind of twisted question .... I need to modify a website on the fly...not like downloading a html page,modifying it and then uploading it... I wont be modifying any flash images, pictures, graphics or...
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    Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ System for Sale ...

    Hey Guys, I am planning to get rid of my system, which is working excellent till date. The only reason is to go ahead with a laptop...a kind of desktop replacement... Anyways, here are the specs - Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz HT Intel 915GAV Motherboard 1GB DDR400 RAM...
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    Need a Logging Server!!

    Guys!!!! My Boss has challenged me to create a debian/fedora logging box in a week's time...the issue is i am still a newbie in linux world !! The main logs which needs to be created are -- 1. All security events (iptables, /var/log/secure and anything else security related) 2. All...
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    Lappy Lappy Time...!!

    Hey Everyone!! Iam planning to buy a new laptop... budget wud be around 40-45k.. main criteria wud be > 15.0 or 15.4" screen size 512Mb RAM 40GB HDD and ofcourse shud have good after sales support here in India! sahara/gigabyte are out of my mind.. lenovo is a lil too costly...
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    How to change the idle time??

    Just a small basic question guys... The login screen in a networked it XP or 2k, i want to change the timings so that the login screen comes up after 10minutes of inactivity... ??
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    Kernel Panic... Giving me a Panic Attack!!

    here goes the problem...> Aim : Initial aim was to install Fedora 4, later changed to "any" flavor of linux :( I recieve the following error : Kernel Panic- Not Syncing : Attempting to kill init This is the only message i get from any number of media i try( CD/ DVD ) ,any...
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    Registry Tweak Wanted ASAP !!

    well heres the situation... i wanna make some registry changes ( to be exact i wanna enable the option "clear IE cache on exit" ) for a lot of users,and i cant manually do it! so i was thinking if i can get some registry comparison software that can compare past and present registry and...
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    Maximum Mails That can be sent frm outlook

    If i wanna send 1000 mails from outlook 2003 in one go , will that be possible? Is there any limit to it ?? pls do let me have the web site address with ur post.. and dont post like this -- yes i think u can... shuld be possible ... etc etc :wink:
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    AC for Your PC ???

    Just wanted to know how many of you are using AC for ur PC's...?? ooops by AC i mean a better HSF combi and not the stock one that came with the processor. Iam using LGA 775 based P-4 3 Ghz with stock HSF and i think i need to change it to something more solid as far as cooling goes. Right...
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    Automated Rebooting

    I wanna know how to write a batch file that reboots a server at 11PM. From here, I plan on making this a scheduled task Any suggestions....and i need the answer ASAP!! :x
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    Connecting a TV Tuner Card... !!

    Hey Guys... to start with i am trying out a pixelview TV Tuner card for the time being,and if things work ou fine i'll be going ahead with compro videomate PVR/FM installed the card...everything is working fine except audio. have 915 board,with creative 6.1 speakers... have a look at the...
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