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    Looking for a zoom lens

    Sigma & Tamron alternatives are good but Nikon ones are best in terms of sharpness and all other things. Basically in case of lenses, the more you pay better you get. Nikon 70-300 is the best zoom lens in its range. I do not require more than 200mm for landscape photography. If you also think...
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    High End Compact Camera Or Entry Level DSLR

    I understand your problem. Let me put some comments against your points and see if it can convince you or not. A. I do not take out the camera that much It is either due to lethargy for handling that heavy thing or the fear that it my break if used roughly. I know carrying a DSLR is...
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    Suggestions for buying a tripod

    Tripods are cheap if you can manage to bring it from US.
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    High End Compact Camera Or Entry Level DSLR

    Low f numbers mean large aperture which means shallow depth of field. Also S95 has a good low light response. So this is a perfect P&S for portraits and macro photography. On the other hand, as it has a very low zoom, hence it is not so good for travel photos. Now it's your choice. For...
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    Nikon D-SLR buying advice.

    @Sujoyp Thanks for reply. As I like landscape photography, so that bag is enough for me. Separate flash units are not required, so I can use that place for another lens. I too have a 50 prime. Until now I was using kit 18-55 & 55-200 along with my brother's D3000. Now I bought my own D90 and...
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    Nikon D-SLR buying advice.

    A bit off-topic @sujoyp How is the quality of Tarmac bags? I am planning to buy Rally 4 (top loading). Do you have any idea that safety and longevity issues of top loading bags? Tamrac - Model 3444 - Rally 4 Camera Bag @Arnab boss Go for D3100 and keep any extra money for good lenses...
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    Suggestions for Camera in Range of 300 USD from USA

    @Sujoyp You are correct. This seems better. I remember I was surprised to see the photos shot from this camera in flicker in recent past. It is highly recommended. Forget about tripod. I've seen very little instance of carrying tripod other than photography enthusiasts. Although it is always...
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    Suggestion for canon camera.

    I personally like Canon P&S over others. For buying low budget cameras, IS (Image stabilization) is must. Megapixel doesn't matter so try to get lowest megapixel one which will save money. Check if you can find 3200 IS.
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    Suggestions for Camera in Range of 300 USD from USA

    The megapixel and optical zoom in Point & Shoot cameras are simple marketing gimmicks. On zooming, the sharpness of the photo decreases drastically. Even it becomes very difficult to focus the object for a P&S camera. In DSLRs zooming is lot more easy and suffers very little drop in sharpness...
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    High End Compact Camera Or Entry Level DSLR

    I do not understand why you are thinking about 2nd hand one when 1000D will come within your budget. I don't think it is time to opt for 2nd hand lenses as you will not be able to judge the problem it may have. That 18-55 kit lens will cover everything other than zoom. For budget constraints you...
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    High End Compact Camera Or Entry Level DSLR

    Have you seen any photo shot from DSLR with kit lens? have you compared those photos with a P&S photo? See, the image sensor of even entry level DSLRs are much larger than highest P&S cameras and there is no comparison between them considering the depth & color representation. DSLRs are way...
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    PC Configuration suggestion under Rs 22,000 for low resolution gaming!

    Go for Corsair 400W @2700 + tax. Don't compromise on PSU.
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    PC Configuration suggestion under Rs 22,000 for low resolution gaming!

    ^^Is the PSU available in Kolkata? I dont think so. If yes please tell me where?
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    Buying a camera this diwali

    The price of entry level DSLRs have gone down drastically - Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm lens - Rs. 21-22k. So I think there is no point going for digicams with a budget of 15k. DSLRs have large sensors and the image quality is far better. Stretch your budget and go for DSLRs. You can buy zoom...
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    PC Config < 30K w/o Graphics Card

    The prices has gone down. AMD Athlon II x4 635 @ 4.3k Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H @ 4.1k Kingston 2 * 2GB DDR3 1333MHz @ 4k WD 500GB Blue @ 1.75k excluding tax. These are all Kolkata prices.
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    Calling all Laptop Gurus.....[All in 1 thread]

    This is from a mail sent to my friend for extended warranty of DELL • Two year Complete Cover: Rs 12,200/- (West Bengal & New Delhi – 12.5 % Duty ) • Two year Complete Cover: Rs 11,950/- (Rest of India – 4 % Duty ) • One year Complete Cover: Rs 7,540/- (West Bengal & New...
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    Which is the best UPS available in Indian market?

    Try to configure Bridge Connection in the modem and use dial-up for connecting internet. Write 2 small batch files (google it) to connect & disconnect the modem. When the connection gets disconnected, every downloads stop and also the remaining time will not get charged (I am sure about that)...
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    Z2300 and MX5021

    Check Vedant. MX5021 costs 7k + vat.
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    Music & Movie Box: Please review the rig

    I heard that 1 TBs are more prone to crash. So decided that I will go for another 500GB if the existing one is used up. I went for 4GB as I have to install a highly resource hungry Portal server. Check my first post. I haven't seen Asus Xonar DX listed in Primeabgb website. Techshop has it...
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    Music & Movie Box: Please review the rig

    AMD Athlon II X4 620: 4.6k Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H: 5.5k Kingston 2 * 2GB DDR3 1333MHz: 2640 * 2 WD Cavier Blue 500GB: 2350 Coolermaster Elite 330: 2250 Gigabyte Superb 460W: 2050 DELL S2409W: 13600 Altec Lansing MX5021: 7000 Microsoft USB mouse: 350 Netgear 8 Port Switch: 700 IBall...
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