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  1. cooldip10

    Hitachi 2.5 Inch, 250GB Protable

    UP for QUICK SALE, till 1st August Product Details: Hitachi X250 Mobile 250GB External Hard Drive | Storage-Devices Expected Price: Rs 1600/- (shipped) (non-negotiable) Time of Purchase: Got it from e-bay as a gift, two months back. Warranty Left: 26 Months Reason for Sale: Got it as...
  2. cooldip10

    Graphics Card - HD5770 / HD4850

    Hey guys, I want to buy a graphics card of following specs: MODEL : HD5770 (Scrapped the idea for buying a 4850) WARRANTY: required, will be using it for atleast 2 years LOCATION: New Delhi BUDGET: 5k Please post your offers. Edit: While sending pm, please exact mention model and warranty...
  3. cooldip10

    Suggestions required

    Hi all, Its been a while now since I last visited forum (Damn college works keep me busy all the time.). So what I need suggestions from you all guys is on 1) 19" LCD Monitor. I searched the forum, but no satisfactory results. Primary use of the monitor is for working, but watching movies...
  4. cooldip10

    Urgent Help required

    I bought this new configuration Desktop from Nehru Place , New Delhi some two months backs. And due to my college works couldn't see into it properly. To my surprise I recently found that my Gfx Card is nVidia 9600M GT.. Very Strange, as 9600M GT is a GPU for notebooks. I checked up the...
  5. cooldip10

    laptop suggestions

    I have gone through previous threads but couldn't meet my requirements.. I am a Computer Engg. Student from Delhi (1 yr). Want a laptop for studies and games (A bit). So my requirements: 1. Core 2 Duo. 2. 3GB RAM (doesn't matter if 2 GB , will increase it). 3. altleast 160-250 GB HD space...
  6. cooldip10

    Mother board slection..

    Somebody posted a good suggestion about a mother which i am unable to recall now.. It was something like nVidia 750i or so.. I searched the threads but in vain.. The member also posted the mobo pics with a Intel quad core processor... Plz help me find it.
  7. cooldip10

    PR Deptt. of Digit

    Plz.. I want e-mail addr. of Digit's PR Deptt. for sponsorship purpose.. Can someone provide it?
  8. cooldip10

    WINRAR-- need HELP Urgently!!

    Hi guys.. I somehow forgot password of the RAR file which I downloaded from net a year ago. Now I am unable to retrive it from anywhere.. Tried searching for programmes which can break the password.. But futile. Can anybody help.. I need the file very very urgently..
  9. cooldip10

    Latest Price List

    Hello, I wanted to have the latest price list for processor (Intel core 2 duo) .. Couldn't find it on net.. There's buzz in mrkt that new products from Intel and AMD will be launched by the end of this year, forcing the existing products' price go down.. Is it true??
  10. cooldip10

    Increase Download speed..

    Hi I want to know how to increase speed of downloading a torrent. I use uTorrent.. Plz Help
  11. cooldip10

    Trackmania NOT WORKING!!

    Guys, I got this "Trackmania United" DVD for Rs 399/-... Original One.. Not pirated. Although it has provided a Key but the Protection System is not accepting the DVD in Drive!! The error received is " Failed to identify the disc in drive. Insert a lincensed disc in the drive and...
  12. cooldip10

    Tray Icon Problem::

    Hi guys, I recently updated my Graphics driver and a strange problem occurred. The tray icon for the Gfx is not showing up. I am using n-Vidia GeForce FX5200 gfx card and the Drivers are latest. There's no problem with display. only the Tray Icon is missing. How can I get it Back??
  13. cooldip10

    Google sevices not working on IE7

    Hi buddies, Of late I'm suffering this strange prob. None of the google services like Orkut and Gmail are opening on IE7. only google search engine is working perfect. Whereas they work superbly well on Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Is this something to do with the hoax of BANNing ORKUT...
  14. cooldip10

    desktop on TV

    Hi guys.. There are two questions: 1) My dad is planning to buy a 32" LCD TV.. I wanted to know whether I can connect that LCD TV to my computer using the GFX card's DVI output..?? 2) Can a LCD monitor produce good picture ( which includes videos also) like CRT ? If so can anyone...
  15. cooldip10

    Resolution 1024 X 768 & CS

    Hi guys!! I'm here with a wierd question.. My monitor is able to show the desktop perfectly at a Resolution of 1024 X 768.. and also run a few games @ that resl. (FIFA, NFS, etc). But whenever I try to play CS (COunter STrike) on my comp.. it doesn't work! The display seems very...
  16. cooldip10


    Hi guys!! Finally I was able to change my config.. but with old processor (P4 2.4GHz) The gfx card which I got is : nVidia GeForce FX 5200 by Zebronic (256MB) Mobo: GIGABYTE 82845GE RZ Now the prob is: I have an LG monitor in which some kind of waves are appearing (sometimes).This is...
  17. cooldip10

    MoserBaer Movie DVD (Review)

    All those who are thinking to buy the new DVDs / VCDs from MoserBaer should check this out. ->Its a relief that some companies are taking good steps in controlling piracy and customer satisfaction. T-series and Moserbaer were out with their new schemes of movie DVD quite a sometime back...
  18. cooldip10

    TV Broadcast on LAN

    Hi guys! I wanted to know if there is any way to broadcast TV channels on LAN. (Not illegally of course).Its just for a Desktop and Laptop. My Dad wants to watch TV on his laptop but doesn't have a Tuner Card. But my desktop has one and I was thinking to try to some way utilize the Tuner on...
  19. cooldip10

    Moserbaer Rs 38-DVD movie=>Hello Happiness

    Hi guys.. Where can I get hese DVDs? I am really interested in buying those. also what do you think about it's quality and durability? plz send in ur views.. I'm sorry if this post already exist... Or else enJOY with MOSERbAER
  20. cooldip10

    Sata + IDE = Will it work? + DVD RW suggestion.

    Hi guys.. 1)I wanted to know whether it is possible to run a SATA hard-drive and IDE DVD/CD read-write device simultabeously on same mobo.. I am actually to buy a new mobo but after sometime. But I urgently need to have a DVD RW. SO IDE is the only option for me.. Then if I switch to the...
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