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  1. Liverpool_fan

    Steam Expands Beyond Games

    Source - A cross platform app store with first class Linux support? Count me in.
  2. Liverpool_fan

    Happy Birthday to Cool Joe

    Happy Birthday Cool Joe. :D
  3. Liverpool_fan

    webOS to be Open Sourced

    HP: webOS to live on through open source, hardware lineup still dead (for now) -- Engadget Good move but whether it will actually revive the project and whether we will see tablets and phones bundling WebOS in the future remains to be seen. There would be nothing better to have a second open...
  4. Liverpool_fan

    Doom 3 Source Code published under the GPL

    [Phoronix] Doom 3 Source Code Published Under The GPL Note the game assets do not come with the code, so you cannot just build the entire game itself using this code. Hoping to see good games coming out of this great engine. And btw the ioDoom3 Project is set up too. iodoom3
  5. Liverpool_fan

    Barnes and Noble books Microsoft's patent trollage

    Barnes and Noble books Microsoft's patent trollage Microsoft’s Android bullying revealed by Barnes & Noble | ExtremeTech More details about the case here. Groklaw - Barnes & Noble Exposes Microsoft's "Trivial" Patents and Strategy Against Android ~pj Updated
  6. Liverpool_fan

    Osama Bin Laden - Reported to be dead - Announced by Obama

    Obama announces Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. - Osama bin Laden, the world's most wanted terrorist, was killed in Pakistan as the result of a U.S. military operation, President Obama announced to the nation Sunday night. The historic revelation comes about four months before...
  7. Liverpool_fan

    Sound Problem and other weird issue in laptops

    In my HP Compaq NX7300, sound does not work, neither through the speakers or through the earphones connected to headphone jack. There's some kind of noise when sound is played through the headphone jack and that sound continues even for few seconds even after stopping the player. (Note that the...
  8. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for a Laptop Cooling Pad

    I have an HP Compaq NX7300 Notebook. The problem is that it gets quite hot, while that isn't abnormal however the keyboard feels way too hot. While is it right to assume that a cooling pad will reduce the temperatures to some limited extent? The following Cooling pads I found: Belkin Laptop...
  9. Liverpool_fan

    Humble Indie Bundle returns: Pay what you want for 5 awesome games

    Humble Indie Bundle returns: pay what you want for 5 awesome games Check it out at - The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)
  10. Liverpool_fan

    Complete PC including UPS, Speaker under 20k

    I am looking for a config under 20k, including Monitor, UPS, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, etc. Requirements: * Just Surfing/Office, etc. * Gaming is NOT a requirement * Movie/Music (a decent 2.1 speaker or something) * Good Linux support I searched around and could think of the following config...
  11. Liverpool_fan

    Unity to replace with Wayland

    Mark Shuttleworth Blog Archive Unity on Wayland Personally I am quite shocked with this move. Moving from to anything else is a HUGE step. Not sure which way it will go. Though the ability to run existing programs is a plus however nothing is can be said about the graphics...
  12. Liverpool_fan

    Ubuntu 11.04 to use Unity technology In his keynote address at the Ubuntu Developer Summit Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu 11.04 will use a new desktop version of Unity for the default desktop environment. ‘Desktop Unity’ will be installed as...
  13. Liverpool_fan

    C/C++ Beginner's Guide and Post Basic Questions here

    So you're willing to write your own code in C or C++, or simply compile someone else's code? This guide has been designed to get you started. References and Source for some of the content FAQ: Compiling your first C or C++ programs - Ubuntu Forums Welcome to FOSS Powered Wiki - FOSS Powered...
  14. Liverpool_fan

    Congratulations to our new mod

    Congratulations to our new mod ICO Congratulations to ICO. Our NEW overlord. :D
  15. Liverpool_fan

    Assembling a new PC for 65k, Need hardware suggestions!

    Due to the posting restricting here, our friend Thuban could not create a new thread to get the help of the hardware experts in the forum (see profile->, so I have created a thread on his behalf. Hope he gets good advice in the forum. :p
  16. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for Domain Registrar

    Hi there Can you guys recommend me a good domain registrar with which I can change advanced entries manually like CNAME, etc. The thing is I want to point the main subdomain one place, another subdomain to DynDNS and another to perhaps an FTP host. Those hosting packages + domains is not an...
  17. Liverpool_fan

    Using a Switch to Network to Linux PCs

    I just purchased a Switch, which is connected to a Router, Desktop and Laptop. Internet works fine on both, however I was wondering how to facilitate data transfer b/w two PCs. Desktop has Ubuntu, Laptop has Mandriva. (A distro neutral approach would be appreciated since I also use Arch in the...
  18. Liverpool_fan

    Need to connect PC and laptop, and share internet conenction

    I want to set up Networking b/w my PC and laptop for file transfer, learning networking, as well as sharing the internet connection. Another important purpose is to learn networking. The PC is connected to internet as follows: Line->Router->Ethernet Wire->Ethernet Port->PC. Currently...
  19. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for a bike

    Hi all I need a bike for "daily" commute of about 80km (2-5 days a week ). It should be robust and fuel efficient. I am a n00b in biking, So kindly give your suggestions. Budget is 30k-50k (preferably below 42k).
  20. Liverpool_fan

    Better Fonts for Indic Languages

    Can you suggest how can I set good fonts for Indic languages in Arch Linux? I remember I had Ubuntu some while ago and it had really good looking fonts for Hindi.
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