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    which stream for mba

    your UG matters most for your Stream. However Marketing is the best stream for MBAs. For other streams there are competitions with other Degrees also. But for Marketing less competition with other Degrees. For Example. If you choose Finance then you will have competition with CA & CS...
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    Can i create blog

    I am using for over 4 years and I am very much satisfied with its services. You can register for a Account for free and use your existing gmail id to work with it. The best feature of Blogger is the ability to make a new post by just sending an e-mail and I like this...
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    Domain name doubt

    When you will assign those dns to your domain name then it will be redirected towards your web host. Then from your control panel of your hosting account you need to assign your domain name to your account. This can be done by using the Add Domain feature of your hosting account. If you havn't...
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    Are domains good?

    I personally think domains are good, I have registered one and using it for more than a month. best thing it was free and you can use it with google apps too. I have also registered a domain with Google apps, which costed me $10. and I registered another domain with
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    Help with domain registration problem

    I have registered a domain with and it also registered a domain of same name but it was free. May be this happened to you because you might have registered for a premium name, try choosing a different name and it might help. bye the way which hosting service r u going to use...
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    Nuke-proof USB Drive!

    what if the data is saved but the person who knows the password dies????? and considering it a military used device, the password would be necessary and also it will not be an easy one!!!! Whats the use for such thing?
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    Any Hutch users using phone as modem?

    its true that it costs much on prepaid. why not switch to post paid??
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    Any Hutch users using phone as modem?

    I want to know how to get my Moto ROKR connected with computer. I have a vodafone postpaid sim with activated Vodafone mobile connect. I don't think that it is costly because it takes flat 499 rs for one month unlimited surfing and i am using it for past one month on my sony w550i. Help on...
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    Any Hutch users using phone as modem?

    I also brought E6 yesterday and I am looking for Vodafone Mobile connect settings for it. Previously I was using Vodafone Mobile connect with My Sony Ericsson W550i and it worked great. Now could any body help me to use it with ROKR E6. Thanks in advance.
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