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    Monitor Turn-Off Itself :(

    Change monitor stanby option in power management to Never. Also check if you have enabled power saving in the BIOS by pressing DELETE when the PC boots.Disable the monitor stanby option.
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    shaking display

    Keep speakers and power adapters far from the monitor. Try to increase the refresh rate. Regards. Homiyar.
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    What upgrades should I make to my config? Budget 10K

    The cheapest solution is that you buy another Hard Disk. That will improve your system performance.
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    Please help me as quick as possible

    Dear Gauravchi, Your PC takes so much time to boot because you have installed Service Pack2.It loads all the additonal features the Service Pack has when the machine starts. If it really takes a very long time, disable programs from loading at startup by typing MSCONFIG in the Run dialog box...
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    PC Not Booting

    Thanks for the solution. The PC gives the same beep even if I switch it on after removing the RAM. Can you let me know how to find out the frequency of the RAM module. Regards. Homiyar. Thanks for the solution. I think the system is using a Phoenix BIOS. Can I get this beep if the...
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    PC Not Booting

    I have a PentiumIII 1 GHZ PC with an Intel 82810 chipset motherboard. The system gives one long beep repeatedly during POST and does not boot. It gives the same beep even if I switch on the PC after removing the RAM. I also want to know the frequency of the RAM in the system. It has a...
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