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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    I have travelmate 4020 Thanks very much for your help :) I'll try it out today
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    The BIOS doesn't have such a setting(Oddly, it can boot through a USB external DVD drive, but not from a USB pen drive). Should I try updating the BIOS? I tried using Unetbootin. I followed the procedure mentioned on the website. It did everything but didn't add a boot entry to the...
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    Thanks.. Does it boot through a USB Flash drive? I don't think my laptop could do that. I have booted from a external dvd writer that was connected through USB, but I tried the same using a pen drive, the laptop just hung, it didn't boot at all. Is there any fix for that?
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    Which is the best linux?

    Linux mint 8. However if you want to install inside windows(using Wubi or Mint4win), linux mint 8 is not supported. If you are dual booting, mint 8 is the way to go
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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    Hi, I have an old Acer travelmate laptop on which I intend to install Ubuntu or Linux mint. I downloaded the iso, burnt them to a cd and tried installing them. I can boot from the live cd without any problems. I can start the install process without any problems. However, when the process...
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    photon on ubuntu

    If you are using Ubuntu 9.04 or above, modprobe won't work. These are the steps I follow: 1. Install wvdial 2. Enter the command 'sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf' 3. Open /etc/wvdial.conf using root privileges and enter the Phone Number(#777), username(internet), password(internet). Add a...
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    Linux is a doomed operating system; here's how you can save it

    I can't believe you. You say you mess around with CLI. chmod and chown are your friends... BTW, your post is too damn funny . . .:smile:
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    Need help setting up home network

    Hey, If you have only two PC's and are not planning on adding more later, you can connect them directly. Why do you need a router? To share files, have you enabled file sharing on each PC?
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    BXR 1221 - Altec Lansing

    I don't know about kolkata. I bought it in SP road, Bangalore for 1K. Although the quality isn't top notch, its good VFM if you are looking for a entry level 2.1 speakers
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    password protect folder on portable hdd

    Truecrypt is the most secure. You can create an encrypted file container(Basically another volume/drive which is encrypted and appears as a single file). You can store anything there. I don't think there is any software which unlocks folders after you double click it and enter the password
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    Build My Rig...

    Intel's Core i7-980X Extreme processor - The Tech Report - Page 1 This is a comprehensive review of most of the processors in the market today. It may help you choose a suitable processor(On the other hand, it may be confusing)
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    needed laptop drivers for sony viao

    Why don't you try the Sony support website as suggested in the above reply before asking here?
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    windows formatting help...

    Does the laptop boot from USB pendrives? Many laptops, especially older ones don't. You can try an external DVD drive. It'll work. Mine does not boot from a pen drive, but boots from a external drive connected via USB.
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    Software for Internet trffic monitoring on my Pc

    I use a free software called Networx. It is very comprehensive .
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    Buying advice on External HDD 1TB

    WD MyBook 1TB. 3 year warranty. I got it from SP Road for 5K. Don't go for an external casing, as it tends to be unreliable. I've had one of my HDD's spoiled that way :-(. An external HDD is properly integrated with its casing unlike the one with an internal HDD and a casing.
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    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    +1 for GIMP. Fasttrack to server with a DIY home server/Internet Gateway.
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    [By Demand] April 2010

    Instead of giving a lot of freewares in each section, give some useful big softwares like GIMP, Open Office etc which cannot be downloaded by 'bandwidth limited' people. Also include free games like Return to Wolfenstein etc
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    Screen resolution in UBUNTU

    I have seen such problems in laptops with discrete graphics cards like nvidia or ati. you need to download the drivers from the respective websites and install them. I have seen that it increases the performance too
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    How can I install windows xp sp2 from an iso file?

    It depends on what OS you are having right now. 1. If you have none, you can't install 2. If you have windows older than windows xp like 98,2000,me etc, mount the iso using daemon tools etc which have been suggested before, and install 3. If you have a later version of windows, like vista,7...
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    Best Linux for slightly old system of a non-tech person

    Don't suggest piracy or any other illegal measures. Also do your research when you reply. I have been using linux for 4 years now, I visit all kinds of websites, I haven't heard of virus in Linux systems. Also, for a non tech user, most of the stuff can be easily done in Linux. Its only games...
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