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    Page faults n crc error in Linux

    So another problem in Linux which I never thought about, when ever I start linux at first it says: CRC ERROR: KERNEL PANIC second time I restart it says: ID "x" spawning too fast: Disabled 4 five minutes third time it again says same thing as it said on second occasion fourth time a...
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    what to do when ur mobile phone is lost???

    can anyone plz tell me wat to do when ur mobile is stolen or lost??? any way to get it back??? actually I lost my Nokia 6610i n when i tried my number it comes out to be switch off!!!!! plz help!!!!!!!!
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    shell scripts

    hello everyone, i recently installed PCQlinux..........but the thing that i dont like is to mount the ntfs filesystem each n every time(to listen to songs)......... i want to know how can i make a shell script which automatically runs when i start my linux (i.e. mount -t ntfs /dev/hda5 /root/abc...
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    problem with window manager

    hello digit geeks i recently installed PCQ Linux 2005. Everything went superb for one day........... but the next day as i logged in as root ,nothing came on desktop. When i ran Mplayer and minimized it.......... nothing came on the taskbar.......... now when i click on show...
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    security n web-filtering in LAN

    hi guyz..... i need to know bout certain s/ws which can provide me security as well as web filtering in LAN. I tried evaluation version of zone alarm's security suite which provides web filtering but it has some problems............. some times it even blocks n sometimes it lets...
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    problem with intex speakers

    hello guyz........... i m using asus motherboard, P4,256 ram n intex speakers (2000 w+ woofer). recently i encoutered a problem..... i found that one of my speaker is not working on my pc... even though it works quite gud on some other pcs???????? wat can be the possible reason? is thr some prob...
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    c/cpp n attaching .bmp files.......

    hello everyone............ is there anyone who can tell me how can i attach bmp files in c/cpp............. and from where can i find advanced topics in c/cpp?????
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    best language for sockets programming!!

    hey guyz can anyone tell me which is the best language for sockets programming?? and how many of u are doing some work in sockets programming?? i wanna do it in C++ but dont have header files like->-> netdb.h,sockets.h etc etc from where i can get those??
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    mpeg,mp3 to real media format???

    hello guyz can anyone tell me is there any software which can convert mpeg or mp3 to real media format??
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    Blue error Screen in XP

    hey guyz i just upgraded my pc to P4,256 DDRAM,intel 82845 Motherboard. I use heavy applications like and oracle 9i. i m using windows XP (home n pro both).My problem is that after doing everything fine sometimes a blue error screen comes up showing a message : PLZ TELL ME WATS...
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