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    price of 6630 please....

    It costed me for Rs. 11500 last week. Additional mem of 512 MB costed for Rs. 700.
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    [Feedback] Web site

    Try to publish more articles from previous issues specially those from Case Study.
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    Which is the best video codec out there?

    dix is da best as it gets integrated with most of the media players.
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    need assistance (brower hijaked !@@@@)

    I agree with sknowonweb - MS products are easiest to hijack specially IE. Better you use netscape or firefox.
  5. N - next generation email service

    Ya I have been using it for a while but many of its features resemble those of Google services and also it is sometimes buggy. For example, options menu gets jumbled, try to open a mail in flash interface and then click on control panel, the opened email interface remains there covering lot of...
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    I seems that Linspire is going to make distribution under the name Freespire from the next release.
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