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    Problem in Windows 10 Notification Center!

    Hello friends! I am running Windows 10 Home in my Laptop! From the last 2 days, a popup appears saying - Quickheal Antivirus and Windows Defender are turned off! Turn them On! As I click on that pop-up, a windows opens which shows Quickheal is already turned ON! What could be this...
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    How is Full HD LED IPS TV different from FULL HD LED?

    Hello friends! I want to know that how is IPS TV different from LED? I am getting a 43 inches FULL HED LED TV for 32k at amazon. Is it OK? Here's the link - LG 43LH516A 109 cm Full HD LED IPS TV: Electronic But this has only 1 HDMI Port and 1 usb! Is it sufficient guys? My main...
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    Looking for a New Laptop! Pls. help Frnds!

    1) What is your budget? - Max. 40K! 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? - Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? - A bit of video and audio editing and photo editing and general use 4) Are there any...
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    Unable to access internet on mobile through Virtual Router!

    Hello Friends! I was using TPLINK Router but it's out of order and gone for replacement which will take 15-20 days for the new piece to arrive! So, I tried Virtual Router and Connectify named softwares in my laptop for creating a WIFI Hotspot so that I can access the internet on my mobile but...
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    Need a good Android Phone for 7K with a compatible working Call Recorder App

    Hello Frnds! Here is the Questionnaire - 1. Budget? -- Max 7K 2. Display type and size? - Above 4 Inches with the best possible resolution 3. Dual sim? - YES 4. Preferred choice of brand? - Preferrably any brand offering inbuilt call recording feature 5. What camera option you want...
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    Xperia ZR or Samsung S4

    Namaste! 1. Budget? - Max 22k 2. Display type and size? The best possible type available in my budget but size max 5 inches. Preferred below 5. 3. Dual sim? - better if i get but not a priority. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, samsung, htc 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
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    5.1 Speakers till 5-6K

    Namaste Frnds! I am using Creative 2.1 SBS A235 but i need a bigger setup. Actually, I have to run some videos through my laptop on a projector in a hall of about 35 ft by 20 ft. These A235 don't serve the purpose of good sound. Should i go for some 5.1 speakers? Will they provide with...
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    Acer V5-571 vs ???

    Namaste! I am planning to buy Acer V5-571 from a local dealer. It has i3 3rd gen 2375m, 4 gb ddr3, 500 gb hdd, dvd rw, win8. For 35k I chkd other brands laptops also at dat shop but none of dem had dis 2375m processor. Most of dem had 3110m or 3217u. My query - is 2375m an outdated processor...
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    How to choose speakers?

    Namaste! I want to know dat how to choose speakers? What to look out for mainly while chking d specs?
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    Call Recorder for Samsung Galaxy Core

    Namaste! Anyone here can do me a favour pls.? Actually, i am planning to buy a new mobile but i need Call Recording feature in it. I chkd out an app - Call Recorder ACR (By NLL). Their page at Google Play shows Galaxy Core's name in the supported handset list on which their app works fine...
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    No display in laptop..

    Hello Frnds! I have got prob. In my laptop.. There's no display on switching on d laptop.. However, the hard disk indicator is blinking.. So, what could be the possible prob with the display?? Pls. Help me out..
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    Need 2.1 speakers under 2K

    Hello frnds!! Can someone pls. guide me the best 2.1 speakers under 2K range? Thanks..
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    How to transfer msgs from Nokia to Android?

    Hello frnds! I want to transfer all my msgs from Nokia 701 to HTC Sensation.. But unable to do.. Pls. help me out.. I tried this guide - Guide : Transfer all SMS from a Nokia Symbian Smartphone to Android Smartphone this converter makes the xml file of all the sms (but it was only...
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    Total Recall in Android 2.3 ?

    Hello! Does somebody know any automatic call recording software compatible in Android 2.3? (I have used Total Recall in Symbian, dat's y mentioned dat in d title) Or any other working automatic call recorder (it may work by any means.. patvhes or whatever, dat'll do)..
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    Nokia N8 Battery query

    Hello! I plan to buy Nokia N8 handset very soon but some1 told me that N8's battery is not detachable. Is that the case? Also, does it still have hanging probs. still after Anna update? Pls. reply soon..
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    How to reinstall OS?

    Hello Frnds! I have got some prob. I need to install OS in my laptop but the DVD Drive is not functioning.. Any alternative to install Windows?
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    Online Video Mixing

    Hello frnds! I need help regarding Professional Capturing & Mixing Card! I am currently using AVID LIQUID STUDIO for capturing and offline video editing.. But, I need some setup for online mixing.. (on the spot mixing {adding effects, trasitions} videos from 3 or 4 sources).. I just...
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    Online Mixing

    Hello frnds! I need help regarding Professional Capturing Card! I am currently using AVID LIQUID STUDIO for capturing and offline video editing.. But, I need some setup for online mixing.. (on the spot mixing {adding effects, trasitions} videos from 3 or 4 sources).. I just had a...
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    Canon SX 30 IS or Nikon P500?

    Hello Guys! I am confused in between these two cameras.. - Canon SX 30 IS or Nikon P500.. Which one should i go for??
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    How to dual boot Windows & Ubuntu?

    Hello everyone!! I have got Windows Xp installed on my pc but i want to run Ubuntu also.. Pls. let me know the process.. that how can i dual-boot? Friends, I had installed Cent IS 5.5 along with xp but the problem was that the Cent os occupied the whole of my empty space on my hard disk...
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