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    Need a keyboard for under 1k

    Looking for a durable keyboard under 1k, I'm currently using a Microsoft RT2300 since 2009 which came in a combo M+KB box, it's life has come to an end. How's the Logitech Mk200? It comes with a mouse too! Mouse is not required right now but may need in the future. I'd like to have Multimedia...
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    [Query] Gigabyte motherboard RMA hurdle

    Hi peeps! So, I've got quite a situation with my Gigabyte motherboard which has a malfunctioning ram slot. Like every 10-15 days, the system would crash with vertical lines across the screen and shutdown 3-4 seconds afterwards. After it has shutdown, it won't boot amd...
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    Sony xb30ex Jack repair?

    I bought a Sony Xb30ex in early 2013 and It "broke" in early 2014 ,I get sound from only one channel and it's Jack needs to be "twisted" gently to a certain angle to get sound from both Channels. Question: I've a old Samsung earphone(with mic) laying around which has three wires, BLACK...
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    Spark from cabinet's rear-end and now PC won't turn on!

    I assembled my PC barely 10 days ago now I'm with dead PC that refuses to turn on! I doesn't even started gaming on this thing, all I did was web browsing and casual stuff ever since I bought it. It was running super cool at middle 30s temperatures. Today, while I was watching a movie , I...
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    UPS for around 2k?

    So I'm going to assemble a PC soon,Which will take around 150watt under full load with LED monitor. I also have a microtek 800va inverter at home but it has no UPS or shine wave tech. I want to buy a UPS to avoid sudden shutdown and system will run off inverter thereafter. So I think...
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    Check my i3 and H81m configuration! Help me improve it!

    I'm building a PC for general usage and light gaming, not too serious. I want this build to last at least 5 years, able to cop up with new web browsers! My budget is around 20-30k Things I've bought so far! Monitor: Dell S2216H ips 22" LED ,it's badass! Cabinet : iBall Stella Mouse ...
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