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  1. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] Ryzen 3 1200 in warranty

    Expected Price: Rs 3,000 + Courier @ actuals Reason for Sale: Upgrade RMA/Servicing history: RMA'd once in Dec 2017 received a new Processor Product Condition: 100% working Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 13...
  2. mithun_mrg

    Nvidia Gamer Connect Guwahati

    Let us all meet in once in a Lifetime event at Nvidia Gamer Connect Guwahati on 20th May 2018 details in the link provided below, Please Register to get your Invite The event will be Held at Maniram Dewan Trade Center near ISBT Gamer Connect Guwahati
  3. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] Water block for CPU

    1. *Model number and details:Cpu water block for Intel/AMD 2. *Date of purchase:Dec 2016 3. Reason for sale:Surplus 4. Warranty details:None 5. *Expected Price:3300 Shipped 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM 7.Condition: New Unused Included Cpu Block, Intel Backplate, 4 screws, 2x compression...
  4. mithun_mrg

    My First Custom Loop built

    This is just a temporary built this will eventually go into my next CPU most probably Zen After few modifications CPU-FX6300 MB- MSI 970 Gaming RAM-2X 4GB Gskill Ripjaws GPU-7850 2GB Case-Corsair Spec2 PSU-Tagan 500W Corsair 60Gb SSD, Intel 520 180GB SSD 2TB WD Green, 1TB X2 WD Green...
  5. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] I POD Touch 6th Genration

    I Pod touch 6th Generation 16GB Gold Mint condition 2015 Purchased from Ebay Screen guard applied Includes all the accesories it came with Original Box, Headset, Data Cable, Manuals & stickers also will include a charging & audio dock for free Price 10,500 shipped final price Shipping charges...
  6. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] PS3 most wanted exclusives

    1. *Model number and details:Uncharted Triology & Killzone3 2. *Date of purchase:August 2012 3. Reason for sale:Done playing 4. Warranty details:None 5. *Expected Price: Killzone3-600 Shipped Uncarted1-600 Shipped Uncarted2-700 Shipped Uncarted3-700 Shipped 6. *Location of Seller:India, ASSAM...
  7. mithun_mrg

    Core i3-530 CPU + MSI P55-GD65 Motherboard

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: ARK | Intel® Core MSI India ? Motherboard - P55-GD65 Expected Price: Rs 6500 For both +Shipping @ Actuals.(Fixed Price No Bargaining Please) Time of Purchase: July 2010 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No...
  8. mithun_mrg

    ::UNiGiNE Heaven 4.0 & Valley 1.0 Review

    Guys & Gals recently ::UNiGiNE much known for its Heaven Benchmark recently released an Update to their existing Heaven to version 4 & also released a new benchmark called Valley let’s have a look how these two performs First Overview of the two Heaven Heaven Benchmark with its current...
  9. mithun_mrg

    Lumia 710 in Warranty

    * Product Name: Nokia Lumia 710 * Expected Price: Rs 8500+(Shipping@actuals). * Manufacturer page URL: Nokia Lumia 710 - Nokia - India * Reason for Sale: Upgrade. * Product condition: Good Installed Amzer Screen Protector. * Purchase Date: 11/02/2012 * Warranty:Remaining upto 11 Feb 2013...
  10. mithun_mrg

    Multiple items for Sale

    For Sale ! Product Name: Killzone3 Price: Rs 900 Shipped Time of Purchase: 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: NO Reason for Sale: Finished the Game Purchase Invoice Available: NO Product Condition: Perfect Accessories Included: Original box, manual...
  11. mithun_mrg

    Corsair Force 3 60 GB SSD Review

    Today I am going to review my 1st SSD Corsair Force 3 60Gb SATA 3 which is based on Sandforce 2200 controller More info on Sanforce controller can be found here SandForce - SF-2200/2100 Reasons I choose it over other drives is corsair’s support & the drive also includes mounting Hardware inbox...
  12. mithun_mrg

    Help choosing the right SSD

    which one to get among these 1.OCZ Petrol 64GB 2.OCZ Octane S2 64GB 3.Corsair Force3 60GB 4.OCZ Agilty3 60GB 5.OCZ vertex Plus 60GB i am confused please help
  13. mithun_mrg

    Basic guide to Broadband(ADSL) components

    Modem Linksys_ADSL_Modem_AM300_ethernet,_USB,_and_phone_line_ports by mithun_mrg, on Flickr This is a basi wired modem used for generally connecting a single pc u can connect through the usb or the ethernet cable the dsl is for the phone line usb is for connecting through usb cable...
  14. mithun_mrg

    Laptop Graphics Guide 2011

    Source AnandTech - AnandTech Mobile Graphics Guide, Summer 2011 Request mods to change the title from Mobile to Laptop
  15. mithun_mrg

    AMD FX Bulldozer Guinness World Record

  16. mithun_mrg

    Play Anno 2070 demo

    Anno 2070 demo arrives, play the first two missions | PC Gamer
  17. mithun_mrg

    Sound Blaster Audigy + MX518 mouse

    1. *Model number and details:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value 2. *Date of purchase:May 2010 3. Reason for sale:Upgrade 4. Warranty details:None 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM 1. *Model number and details:Logitech MX518 mouse 2. *Date of purchase:2009 3. Reason for sale:Currently using...
  18. mithun_mrg

    Frostbite 2.0 vs CryEngine 3

  19. mithun_mrg

    New 560Ti unique design from palit

    yes its a 560ti;-) palit by mithun_mrg, on Flickr read the full review here Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin light LE review
  20. mithun_mrg

    3D gaming Nvidia v/s Ati whats ur take

    Guys 3D gaming will be the next revolution in gaming technology both AMD & Nvidia had come up with solutions for this please post ur ideas comments here these articles will help understanding both the technologies better 3D Platform Wars: NVIDIA vs AMD vs HDTV | AMD HD3D,NVIDIA 3D Vision,3D...
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