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  1. LKV5649

    4G vs WiMax

    Thats useful information, thanks :) but I need some user experience reviews if there are any. So please post if there are any :)
  2. LKV5649

    4G vs WiMax

    Hey guys, I have to make a comparison between 4G LTE and WiMax technologies in Mumbai. I have already researched many blogs and reviews about these technologies in Mumbai, however a response from you guys, will really help my research. Any viewpoints and opinions you have about these...
  3. LKV5649

    Diablo III Discussion

    I would suggest buying the digital version of the game from No hassles about cds and product keys. Its fully linked to your account, so no worries :-D Oh and btw, this game ROCKS :-D
  4. LKV5649

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    You see that constant tip on loading screens about how trolls are susceptible to fire? Well, its true. SO, just wield fire in one hand and a one handed weapon in the other. Keep spraying him with fire when he runs at you and just as he reaches you, strafe back. Once out of Mana, repeat strafing...
  5. LKV5649

    Just Cause 2

    Yeah the statue can be pulled down easily with any car, as long as you have enough momentum :P Anyone caused 100% chaos yet? I'm at 86.4% :P
  6. LKV5649

    Diablo III Discussion

    The fire still falls from the sky :D One more day guys! Can't wait :-D
  7. LKV5649

    How many started downloading Windows 8 CP?

    True. The start menu may not be as appealing and 'simplistic' as the ones found in the earlier versions of windows. I agree, when I saw that the start had been removed, a part of me died inside. Until I got some third party app to restore the start button, which also opens the metro style in a...
  8. LKV5649

    Flipkart now stocks Heatsinks, Cabinets & PSUs

    Yeah awesome news! :-D I've recently ordered two heatsinks. They got delivered within a few days, like always. You can always trust Flipkart for it's efficiency. :-D
  9. LKV5649

    Skyrim to get Kinect support.

    Well, being a PS3 supporter, I kind of envy the 360 for this aspect. I beleive that Kinect is more user friendly than the PlayStation Move.And now, Skyrim, which I think is the best RPG till date, is getting Kinect. The thought of seamlessly going through menu's with your voice, and actually...
  10. LKV5649

    Diablo III Discussion

    Great thread! good for any info needed :) will definitely revert back for any doubts. Looking forward to this game :D
  11. LKV5649

    How many started downloading Windows 8 CP?

    Hey guys, Just warning you all. Windows 8 CP is not as trustworthy as it seems. Obviously, since the OS is in public testing mode, there are some major glitches. However, be warned! if you install the OS, install it on another drive (other than your C: drive). If you have to revert back to...
  12. LKV5649

    gaming pc@50k

    Well, you should List out your configuration if you had any idea. Anyways a gaming pc below or around 50k will run most of the modern games like COD MW3, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 etcetera. Sorry for the etcetera but if you expect me or anyone else to list out all the...
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