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  1. rksingh

    System restore service not start

    I tried but in vain.
  2. rksingh

    Best antivirus in 2010

    i am avast fan
  3. rksingh

    System restore service not start

    I am running XP Pro and tried to set a restore point.Went to System Restore Tab and got the error,"Run a DLL app has encountered a problem and needs to close".Went to services and the System Restore Service was set to automatic but was not running.When i attempted to start the system restore...
  4. rksingh

    Suggest a Laptop under 25000

    I want to purchase a laptop for a Mca student. My budget is 25000. Pl. Suggest the best laptop in my budget. Thanks in advance.
  5. rksingh

    Which high end mobile do you wanna own/currently own??

    Currently I have N73 me.
  6. rksingh

    does the nokia N72 at all deserves to be in N series???

    No, symbian series softwares can not be installed in 6233. I think it worth the price tag.
  7. rksingh

    Which mobile do you own?

    I have Nokia N72 and N73me.
  8. rksingh

    n73me or 5700xm?

    which one is better n73 me or 5700 xm ?
  9. rksingh

    smartmovie error

    same files are playing fine b4 scaning
  10. rksingh

    smartmovie error

    in my n72 smartmovie and divx mobile installed. Some files are not playing after rescaning the memory in both players. An error mess.-"invalid avi file". Wats wrong?pl. help! Thanks in advance
  11. rksingh

    Accesing internet from Airtel Mobile

    Airtel Bihar charges Rs. 249/ month and download speed upto 5.9 KBps.
  12. rksingh

    List : Latest Firmware Versions of Nokia Phones

    Latest Firmware for N72 is : V 5.0706.4.0.1 05-02-07 RM - 180
  13. rksingh

    Help please

    Thanks for nice tool.
  14. rksingh

    Other installation cd with own key

    My xp pro installation cd damaged. Can i use other installation cd with my own key.
  15. rksingh

    Help please

    I have checked "show updates "box and got that result.
  16. rksingh

    Help please

    Hello friends.. My pc has xp pro sp2 os.i download 33 updates from Microsoft update. The site history showing.. All updates are installed but add and remove programme showing only 9 updates. How i resolve this prob.
  17. rksingh

    How many mobiles u possess ?? - NEW

    I have nokia n72
  18. rksingh

    "Can Not authinticate the phone" Nokia 6600 Bluetooth connection error!!!

    Pc suit for nokia 6600 has differant connection manager, Which supports serial port profile.
  19. rksingh

    "Can Not authinticate the phone" Nokia 6600 Bluetooth connection error!!!

    Yes i use same phone. Use Pc suit for 6600 not this one.After installation of pc suit for 6600. My same problem is solved.Nokia pc suit 6.5 or later is not compatible for 6600
  20. rksingh

    "Can Not authinticate the phone" Nokia 6600 Bluetooth connection error!!!

    Use the latest version Pc suit for 6600 not general version of pc suit.
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